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Parc Chanot hosts the first international CBD fair in France and expects 10,000 visitors

He designed his tour in the image of a musical production. First a run-in in Marseille, Sunday and next Monday at Parc Chanot, then a trip to Lyon next May, before Paris and Strasbourg. “This is the first official CBD and hemp show in France, with more than 130 exhibitors present”, rejoices Marc Assous, general commissioner, to whom we owe having organized one of the very first E-cigarette. When few still believed in the future of this market.

For Charles Morel, lawyer and president of the Professional Union of CBD, the non-psychotropic molecule of cannabis, the holding of this show is an “excellent thing”. “This allows the various players in the sector to exchange views, and to show that we have a real sector that exists, is structured and organized”. And which, from production to sale, weighs its weight: “It’s a market estimated at 1 billion euros, with 70% for CBD flowers”, he recalls.

Sword of Damocles in the market

In addition to the fact that “10% of French people today say they consume it occasionally”, which promises a certain margin for progress, “CBD is a lasting phenomenon”, according to Charles Morel. The Professional Union is working on the traceability of products, and thereby the quality of the sector, an issue with which it knows how to confront itself.

Because a sword of Damocles hangs over CBD since the government banned the sale and consumption of flowers containing it at the end of December. The Council of State offered a little respite by suspending this decision, but it must still decide on the merits within a few months. It is in this context that the holding of the show in Marseilles takes place. Marc Assous intends to make the benefits of CBD better known and does not hide the fact that he would like, in passing, to dispel misunderstandings: “There is a lack of information. CBD is not for making joints, it’s not a psychotropic molecule, it’s important to know that. It cures anxiety, headaches, stress, sleep disorders. »

“Today, there are more than 2,000 CBD shops, and that’s not counting the wellness stores and pharmacies that sell it,” he adds. People will be able to see exhibitors from all over Europe and the United States, and discover the variety of products. CBD is flower, but also cosmetics, food, animal products. At Parc Chanot, he also hopes to welcome “parents who are worried about a product that has the same smell as hash”, even if “the CBD clientele is more between 25 and 55 years old”. Nearly 2,500 visitors have already pre-registered in Marseille, he hopes for nearly 10,000.

The show is being held on Sunday March 20 and Monday March 21 at Parc Chanot in Marseille. Pre-sale entry on the site 12 €, and 15 € directly on site.

Source: 20minutes

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