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Ultimately, Orpea will refund all declared government subsidies.

Orpea indicates that it wants to recover these costs, saying it is “seeking to turn the page on the mistakes of the past and resume full cooperation with the authorities.” A group of private nursing homes facing financial difficulties announced on Tuesday in a press release that it had finally agreed to reimburse all 55.8 million euros of public money that was demanded from it due to its poor past practices, most of which are still has long been disputed.

These amounts are due to the National Fund for Solidarity for Autonomy (CNSA). In July, the group announced that it had agreed to refund only €25.7m of the €55.8m claimed.

This amount was in line with year-end rebates provided by its suppliers for purchases funded by Social Security, as well as the sum of two taxes and insurance costs that the group included in its calculations for government subsidies.

On the other hand, Orpea is still contesting the rest of the claimed restitution, i.e. 30.1 million euros, which corresponds to the remuneration of certain employees of the group who “acted as” unqualified caregivers.

“The General Context of the Lack of Caregivers”

The CNSA believes that these salaries cannot be paid by government agencies because the persons in question are not guardians. The company, on the other hand, has so far argued that there was no other solution than to hire people with no qualifications “in the general context of a shortage of carers.” And so it was legal for their salaries to be funded by Social Security, especially since, she said, this is “common practice in private and public nursing homes.”

Orpea’s new management, which on November 15 presented a plan to get a group of private nursing homes back on track, has therefore decided to concede on this second point as well, while stating that it wants to “implement solutions to provide a long-term response to the caregiver problem.” service care assistants.

Since September, the company has been able to hire 800 full-time employees per month, far more than the expected 550, it adds in a press release.

Orpea also intends to train 1,000 interns in 2024, up from 200 this year, and will “support and take over the training” of its current “current employees” to become caregivers through apprenticeships or Validation of Experience (VAE) , detailed guide.

Source: Le Parisien

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