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Today’s dollar in Colombia: how much is the exchange rate this Wednesday, November 23


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The dollar price operates lower this Wednesday, November 23, 2022. The TRM increased 25.58% (1001.08 Pesos) in reference to the same day of the previous year and rose 0.02% (1.1 Pesos) compared to the same day of the previous month.


The Exchange rate in Colombia for this Wednesday, November 23, 2022 is 4,907 Colombian pesosaccording to data collected by the Bloomberg agency.

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Colombia registered inflation of 0.93% in September, above what was expected in the market due to the increase in the prices of goods and services for the home and food, reported the Government.

Let’s remember that the dollar was rising amid the high gains in treasury bonds, driven by the expectation of monetary policy by the Federal Reserve and the sovereignty it has at the moment.

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In the local market, the uncertainty of the agents goes back to comments made in recent weeks by President Gustavo Petro, regarding a transitory tax to prevent the outflow of speculative capital and, in turn, the criticism he made of the rate adjustment policy. interest from the Central Bank.

The Colombian peso accumulates a depreciation of 7% in the last four sessions in the exchange market.

According to the Bank of the Republic, “The representative market exchange rate (TRM) is the amount of Colombian pesos for one United States dollar. The TRM is calculated based on currency purchase and sale operations between financial intermediaries that trade in the Colombian exchange market.with fulfillment the same day when the currency negotiation is carried out”.


In 2021, the US dollar reached a maximum of 4,033.25 Colombian pesos, while its lowest level was 3,412.80.

Source: Elcomercio

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