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January 19 strike: here is the list of SNCF trains canceled on Thursday

SNCF travelers, you will be very annoyed if you have to travel on a Thursday. More than 500 long-distance trains were canceled on Thursday alone, the first big day of mobilization and strikes against pension reform, according to a Le Parisien report released on Wednesday, based on data from the railway company. As of this Wednesday, about sixty flights have also been cancelled.

To extract the list of canceled trains, Le Parisien studied the official SNCF database, which mentions trains scheduled to run on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on January 10 (a strike notice filed by SNCF since Wednesday evening). until Friday morning) and those that no longer exist as of January 18th. Thus, 503 trains will no longer run on Thursday, 62 on this Wednesday day and only one on Friday, but this may change. This does not necessarily mean that the trip is canceled due to a strike, the reason for the cancellation of the train is not indicated in this data.

The form below allows you to view this list interactively. To do this, enter the train number or the point of departure and arrival: if the train is displayed (make sure the number and time match those you are looking for), then the train is canceled; if not, it is still expected. Canceled trains may also not be displayed if the database has not been updated.

According to traffic forecasts released on Tuesday evening by SNCF, the Atlantic Axis has been hardest hit with only 1 train out of 5 in circulation. . Regional rail traffic will also be heavily disrupted, averaging only 1 TER in 10, and about the same for the Transiliens lines and some RERs in the Île de France region.

This list is still subject to change. Therefore, you should go to the SNCF website for final confirmation of your train’s status. Passengers whose train is canceled are informed in advance by the company. They are offered an exchange for free, provided that there are seats left on another train, or a refund of the ticket for the used means of payment.

Source: Le Parisien

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