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European stock markets open with positive indices this Friday, January 27

The main European stock markets opened this Friday with positive indices while experts point out that investors remain cautious awaiting the decisions of central banks next week, regarding their monetary policies.

At 9 am the quarterly GDP in Spain was presented. Spanish inflation has the highest cuts in the Eurozone, but there are other economic sectors that are not showing their best momentum. Stocks are likely to be volatile until the next ECB meeting, as Christine Lagarde estimates a +50bp rate hike, noted.

Session opening without many changes for the Euro Stoxx 50, which began this Friday’s session with a variation of 0.07%, up to 4,171.05 points.

The DAX German, began the day with a variation of 0.09%, up to 15,146.10 points, after the opening. The IBEX 35 opened with a variation of 0.1%, up to 9,026.48 points, while in London the FTSE 100 (UK), did not present variations, up to 7,761.37 points,

On the other hand, in Paris, the ACC 40opened the session with slight falls of 0.31%, to 7,073.84 points.

Asia-Pacific experienced overall upward movements after the second day of trading for the hang seng Hong Kong, which had been closed for the Lunar New Year celebration, rose 0.25% (the Shanghai Composite remains closed).

In South Korea, the kospi opened with a positive variation of 0.62% and the nikkei 225 progress moderately.

According to SelfBank, these indices have been driven by yesterday’s increases in the US, especially the Nasdaq due to its technological component, by the increase in bets on a rise of only 25 bp by the Fed, and in general, by the greatest optimism with the reopening of China.

Source: Elcomercio

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