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Carrefour plans to cut 1,000 jobs in France

The Carrefour distributor is preparing to cut nearly 1,000 jobs at its headquarters in France, a source familiar with the matter told AFP, confirming information disclosed in letter A or LSA, among others. “We do not comment, we advocate dialogue with social partners,” the Carrefour group said in a statement to the press agency.

In France, the distributor has offices in Massy (Essonnes), Evry (Essones) and Mondeville (Calvados). These cuts should not only apply to France. Across Europe, the total is “still estimated” according to letter A.

On the sidelines of the group’s general assembly on Friday, the CFDT union tweeted that it expects “a new restructuring to be announced before the end of the year,” adding that “unions should be invited to negotiate a specific location soon.” amendment to this new plan of departure.”

Modalities not yet known

Contacted by AFP on Tuesday and Wednesday, the unions have not yet been formally briefed on the terms of this expected “place transformation” plan and preferred to wait for more information before officially positioning themselves.

While presenting its 2026 strategic plan to the distributor, its CEO Alexandre Bompard announced a new €4 billion “cost savings” plan, including a “significant reduction in the workforce at every” European location.

The group’s CEO gave no indication of the extent of these cuts, simply pointing out that “there is huge potential in Europe to take advantage of pooling” and that “everything that needs to be pooled in our organization will be pooled”.

Source: Le Parisien

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