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What are the neighborhoods where real estate prices are soaring the most?

Ads don’t stay online for long, and even a property that was struggling to sell a year ago is quickly finding a buyer today. In Toulouse, and in its region, the real estate sector has definitely come out of its lethargy. “After the first confinement, we were far from imagining that the market would restart so strongly. The taste of the French for stone, a safe haven, is confirmed ”, notes Frédéric Giral, real estate representative at the chamber of notaries of Haute-Garonne.

While the real estate fair opens this Friday at the new Parc des Expositions, it presented this Tuesday a report on the annual evolution of prices. And there is no doubt that they are blazing throughout the Haute-Garonne but also in the neighboring departments.

The appeal of the suburban

“For some cities like Montauban, whose price per m2 has increased by 14% in one year, there is a catching-up effect. But also this notion of semi-main residence, people do timeshare thanks to teleworking and will settle in the outskirts or in adjoining departments. There is a real reflection on their housing, on the need to have an exterior and suddenly an increase in sales in semi-rural areas, in the Toulouse suburbs ”, continues the spokesperson for the chamber.

But if cities like Albi have recorded an increase of 8.9%, with a price now approaching 2,000 euros per m2 in the old, it is far from being the great exodus in Toulouse. The 8.4% price hike in the Pink City in one year prompted owners to sell their property. And all neighborhoods are affected, with more or less significant increases.

All the neighborhoods in the elevator

The highly acclaimed Saint-Aubin-Dupuy sector (+ 10.2%) has joined the four other districts where the price per m2 now exceeds 5,000 euros, soon overtaken by the Chalets (4,810 euros + 4.2%).

“Matabiau (4,750 euros + 8.7%) and Bonnefoy (3,190 euros + 13.5%) recorded a strong increase thanks to the major urban renovation project underway linked to the arrival of the LGV. This is also the case of Marengo-Jolimont (3,430 euros + 16.6%) which will experience a major redevelopment project that we talk about a lot, there is suddenly a strong anticipation ”, underlines Philippe Pailhes, member of the chamber. notaries.

And if there is still little, the working-class districts tended to be lagging behind, “today people agree to pay the price, there is a contamination”, continues the spokesperson who suspects one more market. in addition speculative. And, unless the presidential elections hold back buyers, this upward trend in the former is expected to continue.


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