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Evreux post office agents oppose the use of artificial intelligence in planning.

In Evreux (Ayr), anger has been brewing within the ranks of the post office since the organization welcomed a new employee: artificial intelligence. Last Monday, a strike was followed by all fifteen account managers from four Ébroician offices (Evreux Centre, Netreville, Gravigny and La Madeleine). First.

The rest after this announcement

“Without consultation, we announced to our colleagues that their schedules would henceforth be adjusted every week using software controlled by artificial intelligence. Previously, their schedules were drawn up for eighteen months, or even two years. Obviously with adjustments for unforeseen circumstances. But there was an appearance,” summarizes Eric Shiruz, one of the heads of CGT-FAPT in the department, who vehemently opposes this development.

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Source: Le Parisien

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