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In Evreux, La Poste suspends use of artificial intelligence to avoid strikes

In Evreux (Ayr), agents at four city post offices won a case protesting their managers’ use of Pop IA, software that uses artificial intelligence support to create their schedules. With, they say, weekly schedules that change from week to week, with no regard for their family organization, it appears that it is nothing more than adjustment variables being moved from one box to another.

Following a strike on Monday, January 22, which was followed by all of Ebroisian’s agents, a new strike notice was filed on Tuesday, February 6. But a meeting organized at the invitation of the regional leadership of La Poste on February 1 allowed to defuse the conflict by suspending its use. “Pop IA will no longer operate until at least the end of February, and possibly later,” says Eric Chirouz, one of the representatives of CGT-FAPT in Europe.

Looks like a trial run for group leaders

“Management told us that additional training would be provided to managers and that the software would take into account the new parameters.” He wants to remain cautious in the future, but points out that he has received some assurances. “Officers will be consulted before it resumes and they will be able to give their views. This seemed important to us, and it was something that was not done at the top,” continues the union representative.

As for the Norman leadership of La Poste, clearly surprised by the scale of the discontent, there was little comment. “Listening to employees continues in upcoming meetings and workshops,” he simply points out his services. For Eric Shirouz, the use of Pop IA in Evreux looks like a trial run for the group’s leaders. “This allows them to study how it works in the field, but most of all, to see how the agents react. This time the message sent is clear: people must remain at the center of any organization.”

There will be even more people in Evreux in the coming weeks, since “at the same meeting three temporary workers were promised to compensate for their absence,” rejoices Eric Chirouz, guaranteeing that his union will remain vigilant about the consequences of this affair.

Source: Le Parisien

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