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Rush to resell unclaimed parcels: “It’s a bit like bags of sweets”

Fruit and vegetable stands are located just a few meters away. However, there are no beets or carrots here. But the principle is almost the same. We feel, we weigh, we choose and, in the end, we weigh and pay. At the entrance to the Intermarché de Guancourt (Oise), tables collapse under the weight of dozens of bags of different shapes. The price of the set is indicated in bulk: 3.50 euros per 100 g. Ten curious people are crowding in front of the product. The concept is simple and appeals to many consumers throughout France. It is possible to buy back unclaimed packages. The only problem is that the customer doesn’t know what’s in them.

Starting with the 2022 anti-waste law, platforms are prohibited from destroying unsold products other than food. If packages are not claimed after one year, packages may be resold. A sector into which entrepreneurs such as Jani Stahl, a merchant from Yvelines and organizer of a new type of sale, have flocked. That Saturday in Oise only large packages were offered. The smallest ones were sold out the day before, on the first day of the sale.

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Source: Le Parisien

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