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Ultra-fast fashion: Shein, Temu, Alibaba… A fine of up to 10 euros for each item?

“Simple but stylish T-shirts for €3.99, wide leg trousers for under €15, last month. Spring plunging dress this month. » 15-year-old Anna delightfully describes her latest purchases on the Shein platform. While low prices like skinny jeans please teenagers, they are more likely to infuriate the French government. The model of intrusive, ultra-cheap shopping introduced by Chinese marketplaces Shein and Temu has come under fire from the executive and parliament this week. This Monday, Christophe Bechoux, Minister of Ecological Transition, is organizing a conference in the form of a formal attack “from ultra-fast fashion to sustainable fashion.” The bill proposed by the Horizons party of the same Christophe Bechoux and Edouard Philippe should make it possible to slow down the rapid development of these objects.

For what ? Because we forget, we’re all excited to show off our new sneakers at low prices, but fashion’s environmental impact, already at its peak, is growing at a breakneck pace along with fast fashion. Clothing shipped by air to keep up with the frantic pace of wardrobe changes represents a growing share of air freight. According to the Environment Protection and Management Agency (Ademe), the textile sector also accounts for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions and 26% in 2050 if output continues to grow at a constant rate.

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Source: Le Parisien

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