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Moreno Bonilla highlights the strength of Andalusia even in crisis: “78% of the new self-employed have an Andalusian accent”

The Chairman of the Board underlines in the presentation of ‘Who is who’ in Andalusia of Actualidad Económica that “there is light at the end of the tunnel”


Eight out of ten freelancers who have registered during, and despite the coronavirus crisis, are Andalusian, “they have an Andalusian accent”, in the words of the president of the Andalusian Board, Juanma Moreno Bonilla. If to this data is added a record number of agri-food exports of more than 8,500 million euros, in the midst of the recession, the result is a “strength” of the Andalusian economy that, according to Moreno, will be an “exponent “of growth throughout Spain. When the pandemic passes, of course.

Moreno Bonilla chaired this Thursday in Seville the presentation of the publication ‘Quià © n es quià © n en AndalucÃa’ in a special edition of Actualidad Económica, the economics magazine of EL MUNDO and in that event -which they have attended, in addition The director of the newspaper, Francisco Rosell, and the Minister of the Presidency, Elías Bendodo, among others, have highlighted the strengths that the Andalusian community has to face the post-Covid era and put the recovery on track. He has been optimistic about the future, especially, he said, because of the enormous potential of this land.

The Andalusian president has highlighted the productive capacity of Andalusia and, especially, the “entrepreneurial culture” that “is expanding remarkably” with an increase in the number of self-employed as was not known in the recent history of the community and that it has been, he added, “exponential”. To the point that Catalonia, which is the region with the most self-employed workers in Spain, will only surpass Andalusia by 426 self-employed professionals “and will soon surpass it”.

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