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“Through my window” from Wattpad to Netflix: the path to success of the story that conquered millions

One of the most anticipated releases of the year is definitely “through my window“, produced by Netflix. The film that was born on the Wattpad platform and that reached the executives of the streaming giant to turn it into their new production that opens on February 4.

Venezuelan Ariana Godoy is the architect behind this successful story. Born in the state of Zulia, the writer began creating her stories on Wattpad, a space that has become the digital home for new writers who seek to publicize her unique stories and where readers can find new proposals.

Godoy, despite his economic situation, saw an opportunity there and decided to work for his passion. She says that initially she did not have her own computer, much less internet at home, so she started writing from a BlackBerry or borrowing someone else’s computer.

“When you grow up in a country like Venezuela, with the situation you are in, you don’t have many dreams, you don’t believe that you are going to have greatness or get somewhere in life”, he told the EFE agency. But she continued and since 2011 she creates stories. One of her first works was “Mi amor de Wattpad”, which was brought to bookstores by the Planeta publishing house in 2019.

At first I had a few comments and I got very excited responding to all of them. But there came a point where there were too many and I couldn’t answer, that’s when I realized that it was getting out of control”, he revealed.

The jump to fame

Years later, but always within Wattpad, Ariana continued to exploit her creativity. In 2016, she began writing “Through My Window” and uploading a chapter a week to the delight of her thousands of followers.

This 66-chapter story follows Raquel, a young woman who has been in love with her neighbor Ares for a long time. She used to secretly watch him from her window, but she has never come over to talk to him. His plan of her? make him fall in love And, although at first it would be believed that the young woman is innocent, as the story unfolds, she will show you that she is not like that.

The popularity of this relationship made Ariana Godoy win the 2016 Watty award, which is delivered by the platform on an annual basis. The exposure that the author achieved with “Through my window” led her to have around 177 million readings and more than 2 million followers on Wattpad.

Later, this would become a trilogy with the arrival of “Through you” and “Through the rain”. Some time later the proposals came to the author: transfer her successful story to bookstores, just as it happened with her first work. Alfaguara was the publishing house in charge of making “Through my window” become a physical book.

Cover of the physical book of "Through my window", released in 2021. (Photo: Alfaguara)

Although, after that, he has not managed to remove his book from the Wattpad digital platform, because there he keeps the thousands of comments from his followers. But the surprises did not stop for Ariana Godoy, and she presented herself with an unexpected project: bring the story of Raquel and Ares to streaming.

The arrival on Netflix

The success of “Through My Window” spread around the world and reached the executives of Netflix. They decided to buy the copyright of the novel to make their next film production. There began a new adventure for Ariana Godoy.

After the announcement made in April 2021, the protagonists of the story were revealed. The young Spanish actors Clara Galle and Julio Peña Fernández are in charge of bringing Raquel and Ares to life, respectively. The chemistry between them has been evidenced since the premiere of the trailer.

The rest of the cast is made up of Hugo Arbues, Eric Masip, Natalia Azahara, Emilia Lazo, Guillermo Lasheras and Pilar Castro. They have been directed by the Spanish filmmaker Marçal Forés, under the production of Nosotromo Pictures.

From this Friday, February 4, we will be able to see “Through my window” on Netflix worldwide. This is the message that its protagonists left to Skip Intro of El Comercio, before its premiere.

Source: Elcomercio

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