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Jaime Cuadra narrates the incredible story of “Baila”, a song sung by Tefi Valenzuela and Osmani García

Lima, February 18, 2022Updated on 02/18/2022 10:38 am

A few months ago Heat Records Miami was born, a label that aims to expand the range of musical genres with which it had already been working Jaime Cuadra. The idea was not only to promote the projects of the singer-songwriter himself but also those of other artists. As well as providing a 360 service, from creation to development, marketing and musical projection. As a letter of introduction, the producer and his partners decided to make a single. With several artists spinning in the head, the award ceremony of the Billboard Latin Music Awards -last September- became the opportunity to find the right ones, since the format of the song needed a partner. It was a coincidence, or a “godside” as Cuadra prefers to call it, to find Tefi Valenzuelawho is doing very well in Mexico, Osmani Garcia, the creator of the hit “El taxi”, recorded with Pitbull. “I knew Tefi, not personally, and Osmani was introduced to me that day. We had very good chemistry and that same week we got together with the whole team, ”he recalls.

“Jaime told me about a new project to produce music. After closing the collaboration in a lunch, we did another one with Osmani. Then we got together to write and sing the song”, says Tefi. Things flowed so well that the first time they met the chorus of the theme was born. All, including Lalo Paredes, the music partner of Heat Records are registered as authors.

Although putting a genre into the music he creates is complicated, the producer of “Baila” maintains that this theme is part of the evolution that the urban genre is undergoing. “It has the Cuban style of Osmani and a slow part that plays and empowers Tefi. That’s why I would say it’s a mixture of Latin pop and urban”. About this fusion of genres, the singer based in Mexico comments that “Osmani gives her the street style that the song needs. Jaime is associated more with the Broadway style. I bring my own style. It’s this cute mix that makes the song so different, but at the same time so fun and rhythmic.”

Osmani Jaime and Tefi during the filming of the "Baila" video clip.  (PHOTO: Carlos Rojas (Cassiosxs))

“Baila” is also an effort by a group of Peruvians who live outside of Peru. As Cuadra underlines, “we are competing in a market that is very difficult, such as the United States, and even more so with urban music. We are betting on national talent. That’s why we started the launch in Peru. From there we continue everywhere”.

The video clip that accompanies the song is another example of the joyful spirit that characterizes “Baila”, which also announces the upcoming release of a remix version.

THE Data: The video clip of the song premieres today at 3 pm on all the social networks of Osmani García, Tefi Valenzuela, Jaime Cuadra and Heat Récords

Source: Elcomercio

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