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A new lawsuit has been filed against Travis Scott for encouraging a concert audience to get angry

While he is already struggling with hundreds of complaints relating to the Astroworld tragedy, Travis Scott is now being sued for similar facts that occurred during another concert in 2019. Indeed, the so-called Marchelle Love accuses the artist of having encouraged the public to get carried away during the Rolling Loud Festival even though the police had asked the artist to stop a performance deemed “dangerous and uncontrollable”.

“Despite the fact that the authorities ordered him to stop his concert, he continued to encourage the crowd, physically and verbally, in particular to make mosh pits and other dangerous activities”, advance the lawyers of the plaintiff who affirms, in this complaint obtained by Peoplehaving been injured in the crush.

For the rapper, on the other hand, this complaint would aim to take advantage of the scandal of Astroworld.

A cynical attack

“This is an obvious and cynical attempt to attack Travis over a three-year-old incident that is deliberately misrepresented,” a Travis Scott rep said. Peoplebefore explaining that the artist had nothing to do with this crowd movement.

“As the complaint demonstrates, the incident was related to a false rumor of a shooting during the concert, totally unrelated to Travis’ performance. This low-level opportunism is based on an obvious lie that is easy to detect,” he added.

Marchelle Love, who is also suing the organizers of the event, intends to go to trial. She hopes to obtain more than 30,000 dollars in compensation, an amount corresponding to case law for this type of complaint.

Source: 20minutes

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