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BTS: What plans does Jungkook have as a solo artist?

After another year of career as a band, the members of bts they decide to take a group break to focus on their individual projects. RM, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Suga and Jungkook gave the news to ARMY during the FESTA Dinner 2022.

The interpreters of butter have just celebrated their ninth anniversary since debut, and after a magnificent year with live performances, new songs, and their album “Proof”, the South Korean septet will take a break but new projects will come individually, giving way to a series of albums and more surprises for the fandom.

Jungkook on BTS’s “hiatus”:

Jungkook met thousands of fans through a live broadcast on VLive and stated about the possible separation of BTS. For ARMY’s peace of mind, the K-pop idol completely denied the boyband’s “hiatus” after the artists’ statements during the “Bangtan dinner”.

Bangtan’s Golden Maknae stated that there are BTS for a while, that although there are individual projects by each of the members, they will continue as a band.

“This just means that we will do more solo activities, but we will continue with our group activities. Those who saw ‘Bangtan dinner’ would know, but I’m saying this just in case someone hasn’t seen it yet. We BTS are not going to part ways. BTS will be forever. (…) Just to be clear, we’re not breaking up. We will continue as BTS and continue filming ‘RUN! BTS,’” Jungkook stated.

“BTS forever. ARMY FOREVER, BTS FOREVER. We’ll go on forever, you know that too.”the idol continued on VLive.

What plans does Jungkook have as a solo artist?

Although it is expected that J Hope be the first member of the boyband to publish his solo in this new stage of Bangtan. The other members will also follow that line, although there is still no date or confirmation of their individual projects.

On the other hand, it is speculated music collaboration Come in charlie puth Y Jungkookwhich would boost the solo career of the BTS vocalist.

Jungkook’s “My You”

As part of Festa 2022, the group’s annual celebration of their debut anniversary, Jungkook released a new track titled “My You”personally produced together with Hiss Noise.

The song was written especially for ARMY, and it is one of the hits he has released Jungkook as a soloist

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