EntertainmentCarlos Ardiles prepares a show for the National Holidays...

Carlos Ardiles prepares a show for the National Holidays and will release a new album that he recorded during the pandemic


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Close to celebrating 201 years of our independence, the Peruvian singer-songwriter Carlos Ardiles Bellido pointed out that, after two years of strict sanitary measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Peruvians will be able to celebrate the national anniversary with or more effusiveness than before the health crisis.


“We have many reasons to do so. We will not only celebrate life but (also) our beloved homeland”Carlos Ardiles said. “It’s been two years that we were not allowed to hold celebrations like Peruvians are used to, meeting with family and friends, even participating in face-to-face concerts,” added.

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The artist also argues that “The National Holidays should always be celebrated in style. And this time, with greater emphasis. Not only because of the pandemic, but also to unite Peruvians through our culture, our folklore, in a single passion. Just as it happens with our gastronomy and football in our country”.

Thus, it is already preparing a show for National Holidays, the same one that will be held on July 28 at the Bianca Convention Center, in Barranco, starting at 9 pm, whose tickets are available on Teleticket. This event will put on the table the versatility of genres that it has to develop on stage.

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The artist, who goes beyond acting and also explores composition, says that he continues to add his own songs to his repertoire as a soloist, the same ones that show love for our land, its people and culture.

Proof of this are “No one like you (northern sailor), “Claudia Lucía” (sailor) and “My name is Peru” (waltz with tondero fugue), created precisely to celebrate Peru’s 200 years of independence. But she also sings about love, heartbreak and other aspects of life itself and in various musical genres, which shows the wide spectrum of her work.

Carlos Ardiles It has more than 30 years of experience and although many people relate it to coastal folklore, the truth is that its beginnings were in Andean singing, however, over time its line has expanded, also interpreting songs from the jungle. and other genres.

Show for National Holidays

Carlos Ardiles He continues to perform and on July 28 he will be presenting Peru Chou, the album he recorded in the middle of the pandemic and which includes versions of popular songs such as Mambo de Machahuay, Ojos Azules, Poco a Poco, Matarina, Cilulo, Mujer Hilandera, Anaconda, Mentirosa, Aguajal, Sweetie, My name is Peru, Provincial boy, Wind, Pancha swirl, Negrito de la Huayrona, My friend Cocoliche, Marabu, Rounding your corner, My pretty girl, Toromata, Cóndor pasa, El tamalito and El Alcatraz.


On the other hand, the artist announced that he has just composed a theme alluding to fifteen-year-olds and has covered it with marinera beats, which will be released in the coming months.

Source: Elcomercio

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