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Onda Kumbiera: Bolivian group arrived in Lima to impose its musical style

Cumbia is a genre that continues to conquer the crowds and it is with this objective that the Bolivian group of the moment, Kumbiera wavecame to our country to bring his particular sounds to the public and spread all his hubbub.

They are already in Peru and will take the opportunity to offer interviews and visit television programs with the intention of make known its proposal that fuses tropical notes and the Andes.

Onda Kumbiera is a musical group that was formed in July 2020 in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The band is led by Diego Soria and, due to the health pandemic, they debuted through different platforms with songs like “Pagaras” which is a composition by the group and which managed to capture the attention of the public who like this musical genre.

Then came the “Mix Kumbiero” with David Castro, one of the most outstanding of Bolivian cumbia catapulting the group into the preference of those who like this rhythm and where there are songs like “Don’t lie to me” by our compatriot William Luna and “It hurts”, “You will pay” (2020), “Today you cry for me” (2020), “I don’t need you (2021), Mix Climax (2021), “La cancioncita” (2021), “Quiéreme” (2021), “Today you drink” (2021), “My God” (2022), “Pecadora” (Néctar group).

Since that moment, they have not stopped and between presentation and presentation the diffusers of cumbia with Andean touches, They even merged some themes with the rhythm of the caporales, making a highly requested repertoire, among them are his own songs and covers that are impregnated with his very particular style.

His performance not only shines on stages of Bolivian land. They recently traveled to Argentina where they visited the booth of Pasión FM, the most important radio station in that country. They were also on the set of SER TV, from channel two in Argentina. Onda Kumbiera will be the first tropical group from Bolivia to perform a concert at the Movistar Arena (the biggest place that Buenos Aires has).

Source: Elcomercio

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