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Road To Ultra Peru 2022: when electronic music woke up in Lima | CHRONICLE

Just a year ago, the pandemic represented the apocalypse for electronic music worldwide. Even during the economic revival, very few projects included this genre, considering it more of a hobby than culture. However, the fifth edition of the road to ultra held on October 8 in Lima, showed that it was just a break. With pyrotechnics, flamethrowers, megatrons, and an impressive lighting and visual immersion, the festival achieved the sold out bringing together more than 22,000 souls.

Hands in the air

The event started more than an hour and a half ago, but at 8 PM the queue for entry is still long. In the enclosure the public is diverse, some with LED light accessories, others with decorative stones on their faces, wrapped in glitter, with costumes (dinosaurs, pokemon), and much more. They all jump at the same time to the rhythm of the loops.

On stage, Kayfex and Tomas Young, the only two Peruvians invited to the event, have already managed to energize the audience, which is now bursting with excitement with Nicky Romero’s mix, “Satisfaction”, originally mixed by Benny Benassi. The architecture of the stage is made so that the attendee is immersed in the experience, so that they feel each beat throughout the body.

The DJ continues to make the audience vibrate with long-awaited songs such as Summer Sadness by Lana del Rey or “Runaway” by Harmony, but it is “I Could Be The One”, his collaboration with the late Avicii, that unleashes the collective emotion. The emotion reaches higher points when the image of the deceased Swedish producer appears on the screens, which seconds later vanishes as the music comes to an end.

the heart of the show

But it didn’t take long for Indian-American KSHMR (Niles Hollowell-Dhar) to kick off his show. How cool, Peru. How are we?”, waves as his iconic “Neverland” mix plays. The composer quickly rouses the audience, who are immediately and uncontrollably revitalized.

The music calms down and the artist confesses that he has just turned 34: “Yesterday was my birthday, but I did something small because I wanted to celebrate today with you in a big way”. The audience shouts happily and responds by singing “Happy Birthday” in chorus; Hollowell-Dhar appreciates the gesture and continues with his original mix Omnislash.

Suddenly, the biggest surprise of the entire concert sounds: The panels project the flaming flag of Peru and the Ultra transforms for a few moments into the Huaralino, while “Cariñito” by Los Hijos del Sol sounds from the speakers. The surprise is reflected on all faces, but it doesn’t take long for the party to kick in and feet move naturally before the national cumbia. It was not the only Peruvian tribute, throughout his repertoire he also played “Contigo Perú” by Arturo “Zambo” Cavero, “La Anaconda” by “Los Hijos de Lamas” and even “El Cóndor Pasa” by Leo Rojas.

I want to thank Peru, because it was one of the first countries to support my career”, he mentioned between song and song, thus stealing the affection of all those present and demonstrating why he is recognized for his appreciation of cultural heritage from around the world.

An audience that does not run out

After 11 PM, the arena becomes a large disco. Energy drinks and alcohol are scarce due to high demand. Now it’s the turn of Nick van de Wall ‘Afrojack’, the Grammy-winning Dutchman recognized for his unique musical style that has become number one radio hits.

Afrojack was one of the most anticipated artists of the Road To Ultra 2022 festival.

Good evening, Peru!”, he shouts and starts immediately with his classic remix “Lasers” and “The Birds”. The excited public looks a bit tired, some are just showing effusiveness with one hand in the air. But all that was needed was for David Guetta’s “Titanium” to play for the adrenaline rush of those present to rise again.

The party continues with mixed hits of pop, reggaeton or rap, such as “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd, Pepas de Durty and his collaboration with Snoop Dog, “Dynamite”. “put your hands up Arriba las manos!]”, he shouted incessantly. His hands obeyed.

In the final stretch, the French cultural phenomenon and producer William Étienne, aka DJ Snake, comes on stage. “Are you ready for the party tonight?!”, he says as the volume increases to sordid levels, and for the first time in the entire show, the hard style comes alive. “This is my first time in Peru, if you’re ready to party put your hands in the sky right now!”, he encourages as his mix of “Wooble” by Crankdat & Tisoki plays. By now, everyone around them has their cell phone in their hand and they are screaming until they are out of breath.

DJ Snake successfully closed the 5th edition of Road to Ultra in Peru.

He continues with his radio hits “Turn Down for What”, “Disco Maghreb”, “Lean On” and “Taki Taki”. “Lima, Peru, thank you very much. I love you hope to see you soon”, he pronounces before ending his show with his last great hit “Let Me Love You”, in collaboration with Justin Bieber. And while the music progressively diminishes, DJ Snake takes a Peruvian flag from the audience and waves it slowly until it disappears from the scene, thus closing the night where electronic music woke up in Peru.

Source: Elcomercio

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