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DPR in Lima: learn more about the Korean musical group that arrives in Peru

Innovation in the Asian music industry has no limits, as its varied offer has increased and promoted its artistic creativity, even more so in its independent scene. Created under the mantra of being “a group of friends with an honest dream”, the multi-genre music collective DPR emerges with the intention of revolutionizing the way music is made.

Dream Perfect Regime (DPR) was created in South Korea in 2015. The group is dedicated to creating, directing, producing and editing all kinds of visual work, as well as managing artists with different musical influences, with the aim of creating a original hallmark of Seoul.

One of its most particular characteristics is that they use the abilities of its four members to make their own musical and audiovisual productions as a single creative process. In this way, DPR IAN (Christian Yu), DPR LIVE (Hong Dabin), DPR CREAM (Kim Hyungmo) and DPR REM (Scott Kim) bring their musical talents to the line of KR&B and K-Hip Hop, fundamental rhythms of the Asian movement that have generated immense popularity in China and Japan, as well as in Germany, the United States, Brazil and Chile.

His most recent international tour, “The Regime Tour”, will arrive in our country on October 21 at Plaza Arena. This tour began in the United States and will travel to more than 40 cities, with a sound and audiovisual display of the latest technology and a great performance that has captivated the international audience.

DPR IAN, DPR LIVE and DPR CREAM expressed their enthusiasm for setting foot on Peruvian soil, getting to know its gastronomy and especially its fans, with whom they hope to meet. “We are really happy with the reception of our music in Latin America. Peru has one of the largest fandoms and we already want to meet them”, indicated DPR LIVE.

They also added that they are curious about one of our flagship dishes. “We have heard a lot about Peruvian gastronomy and we cannot wait any longer to try it, especially ceviche, which we know is a classic dish,” said DPR IAN.

The presale of the concert in Peru reached a good number of sales after its first announcement. With some of the areas sold out, there are still tickets available through the Joinnus website. In addition, all tickets purchased since September 6 are automatically entered into the drawing for original copies of DPR IAN’s new album “MIITO” and DPR LIVE’s album “IITE COOL”.

Where and how to attend the event?

DPR: “The Regime Tour”

Date: Friday October 21, 2022.

Hour: 8:00 pm

Place: Plaza Arena – Jockey Club of Peru.

Ticket sales through Joinnus.

You can enter the drawing for a ticket to the concert by participating in the El Comercio trivia.

Source: Elcomercio

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