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Andrés Calamaro: his beginnings in the industry, the success of “Flaca” and his next show in Lima

He will have his expected reunion with the Peruvian public. Argentine singer-songwriter Andres Calamaro returns to our country to offer a series of concerts in four cities of Peru, and this Saturday, October 15, he will have a presentation in Lima to delight his followers with the best of his repertoire.

The meeting with his fans will take place at the Arena Peru, located in the district of Santiago de Surco, starting at 9 at night. The interpreter will go on stage to receive the clamor of the public that has missed him.

Andres Calamaro was born on August 22, 1961 in the city of Buenos Aires, in Argentina. Since childhood, he showed his interest in music. At only 8 years old, he received a bandoneon as a gift and, about five years later, he began to learn the electric guitar. From the hand of his teacher Ovaldo Calo, he learned to play the piano that same year.

Beginnings in the industry

What not many know is that his career in the competitive music industry was playing the keyboard for the Raíces group in Uruguay, recommended by his compatriot recommended by Sergio Makaroff. It is with them that he would record his first album and will debut as a musician on the album “BOV Dombe”.

By the year 1980, the Argentine would also join as a keyboardist for the Dickinson Power Trio band, which was led by Rob Dickinson as vocalist, accompanied by drummer Gustavo Primo. After recording an album, the group decides to look for new opportunities and they head to Los Angeles, United States. After some presentations in bars, they would return to Argentina. What they got out of that experience would be the album “LA Dreams”, which includes three songs.

After that, he chose to join the Chorizo ​​Colorado Blues Band, although it lasted a short time because he decided to try rock with his Elmer’s Band project, to which Eduardo Cano joined. Likewise, Calamaro played as a session musician for artists such as Los Hermanos Makaroff and Julián Petrina.

Solo career

After going through some bands like The Morgan and Stress (which later, after the departure of Calamaro, would be Soda Estéreo), he arrives at Los Abuelos de la Nada, summoned by their leader Miguel Abuelo. The group would be completed by bassist Cachorro López, saxophonist Daniel Melingo, guitarist Gustavo Bazterrica and drummer Polo Corbella.

After his participation in musical groups, Andrés Calamaro made the decision to forge his career as a soloist. By 1984, he released his solo debut album “Hotel Calamaro”, produced by Charly García. Shortly after, he leaves the Los Abuelos project out of nowhere to focus on this personal project. From that experience, they will remember singles written by him such as “Mil Horas” and “Costumbres Argentinas”.

A year later, he would publish a more personal and experimental album which he titled “Vida cruel”, with the participation of Richard Coleman, Luis Alberto Spinetta and Charly García. However, Calamaro did not achieve the goals of success that he expected. That is why he takes up his work as a composer and producer for other groups such as Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and Enanitos Verdes.

Later, he met Ariel Rot, with whom he would form a musical partnership to record two solo albums “Por mirate” (1988) and “Nobody gets out of here alive” (1989), leaving on his first tour of Argentina. They decide to bet on rock and roll, something unusual for the time. The second album mentioned received good reviews from the specialized press, becoming the best album of the year in his country.

Success with “Flaca”

The Argentine rock icon returned to the groups and joined Los Rodríguez between 1990 and 1996 along with Ariel Rot, Julián Infante, Germán Vilella and Daniel Zamora. With them he released three studio albums “Good luck” (1991), “No documents” (1993) and “Words more, words less” (1995); as well as two live albums “Discopirate” (1992) and “Los Rodríguez en las Ventas 1993″.

By 1997, once he had completed his work with Los Rodríguez -with whom he achieved international recognition-, he decided to bet again on a solo career. This is how he travels to the United States to record his new album “High Dirt” which includes one of his greatest hits “Flaca”.

This album is a total ‘boom’ among the public and achieves the sale of 500 thousand copies worldwide, becoming the second best-selling album of Argentine rock at that time, after “Love after love” by Fito Páez . Thanks to this recognition, Andrés Calamaro begins a series of concerts, where he will share the stage with Páez himself.

The Argentine would continue betting on his solo career after the release of albums such as “The other faces of high dirt Unpublished + rarities + songs” (1998) and “El salmon” (2000), a quintuple album that would later be reduced to one with 25 themes. Later, there would be albums such as “El Singer” (2004), “Tinta Roja” (2006), “El Palacio de las Flores” (2006), “La Lengua Popular” (2007), “On the Rock” (2010), “Bohemian” (2013), “Volume 11″ (2016) and “Charge the luck” (2018).

In May of last year, Andrés Calamaro chooses to release his new album “Dios los crias”, where he covers ten of his songs along with industry stars such as Julio Iglesias, Alejandro Sanz, Milton Nascimento, Raphael, Manolo García, Vicente Amigo, Juanes , Julieta Venegas and Carlos Vives, among others.

Back in Peru

Peruvian fans of Andrés Calamaro count the hours to enjoy the live show of their favorite artist. The Argentine singer will perform this Saturday, October 15 at the Arena Peru, and assures that it will be a show that will exceed the expectations of the attendees. This presentation, it should be remembered, was initially scheduled for March 2020 but had to be suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Argentine returns to Peru to celebrate in 2022 the release of his historic record called “Alta Suciedad” and the 23 years of “Honestidad Brutal” of which he is about to relaunch remastered and with never-before-seen material.

In this sense, Andrés Calamaro spoke with Trade about his return to our country after the pandemic. “Peru always welcomes us with sweetness and affection. Every time I go I am surprised by something”assured.

Calamaro, in addition, is in Peru fulfilling his presentations in four cities of Peru. One of his stops before Lima has been Trujillo, where he offered a show last Thursday, October 13. One day before the concert in the northern city, while participating in a broadcast via Star + with Kun Agüero, Andrés Calamaro highlighted the cuisine of our country. “To say that Peru has very good food and another that there are three thousand different kinds of potatoes”the artist noted.

Andres Calamaro in Lima

Day: saturday october 15

Place: Sand Peru

Hour: 9 p.m.

Tickets: teleticket

Source: Elcomercio

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