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“Avatar”: how is the post-credits scene of its remastered version?

One of the great premieres of the year is “Avatar 2″. This film is again directed by James Cameron. The previous film released in 2009 is currently the highest grossing film in history with almost 2.9 billion dollars grossed at the box office. This is expected to go along the same line. In this note we tell you what was shown in the post-credit scenes of “Avatar” in its remastered version.

The return of “Avatar” to the screens

After 13 years, “Avatar” returned to theaters in a remastered version. This as a prelude to what will be the great premiere of “Avatar: The Way of Water” (“Avatar: the path of water”) in December of this year. Regarding his return to the screens, director James Cameron told El Comercio that it is a dream that he has had for four or five years. “I’ve been waiting for this moment, because I knew there were going to be literally millions of people who are now fans of the film who were too young at the time to see it in a movie theater.”.

I don’t know how to express to you how this experience will be different from what you have seen. It’s almost like you’ve seen the movie in black and white, now we’re going to color it.r”, added the director.

According to Cameron, this is a completely different experience. “It is really so big the difference between having seen it in streaming color and seeing it in 3D, on the big screen, with all the sound, with all the immersion in a good cinema”.

In addition, to improve the visual aspect of what it is in several aspects. “Avatar” treated a gift: a post-credits scene. This scene shows a passage from the sequel that will debut in December.

The post credits scene

The scene shows a group of young Na’vi swimming in the beautiful waters off a coast on Pandora. In this extract, you can see the beautiful aquatic biodiversity that the moon has. The group that apparently is made up of members of the Omaticaya clan. They visit the deep sea for the first time, while another group of inhabitants who already have the ability to swim appears.

Later, both groups meet again on the surface. They joke about how the Omaticaya can’t swim well and the Na’Vi promise to teach them.

From one moment to the next, they realize that one of the members of the group separated from them. The missing young woman is Kiri, one of Jake and Neytiri’s children. The scene ends as they set out to find her, while Kiri continues swimming in the deep sea.

Avatar 2

The plot of the film has not been fully revealed, however, it is known that it will be based on the aquatic world of Pandora, which is made up of oceans, lakes and sea creatures. Additionally, it will be set more than a decade after the events of the first film.

According to its director, this is a sequel that takes place 15 years later in the story of Jake Sully and Neytiri. “Their love story continues, which is now a married couple where they are the heads of a family with four children, and so it’s also a lot about how life changes when you have children. I am the father of five children, and as an artist I am working from my experience in family dynamics to show when it is healthy and when it is not. This on the stage of this unknown, dramatic, beautiful and alien world that is Pandora.“, Add.

(Photo: Walt Disney Studios)

Theatrical release date

The production company 20th Century Studios confirmed along with the official trailer for “Avatar: The Way of Water” that it will be released on December 16 in theaters worldwide

Arrival at Disney Plus

The first “Avatar” movie, directed by James Cameron, is available on Disney Plus. In addition, it is known that the sequel, like other Disney films, will be released first in theaters and weeks later will be available on the streaming service. There is no exact date, but it must be before July 2023.

Source: Elcomercio

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