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“We used to look into each other’s eyes”: Five young people in search of lost time

The past and the present come together in “We used to look at each other’s eyes”, a work by theater testimonial in which a group of young actors weave together their memories of their grandparents to weave a story of nostalgia, loss, fear and joy.

The play is the first theatrical production of Habitar Teatro, a theatrical production company made up of a group of graduates from the first promotion of the UPC Performing Arts career.

Directed and performed by Sebastián Bellina Zagazeta together with a cast of young artists made up of Camila Flores, Jean Carlos Lopez, Valeria Conroy and Flavia Santillán, “We used to look at each other’s eyes” was developed over three years of conversations and interactions between their protagonists, who left their souls uncovered to leave on stage a staging that, although a little slow at times, is elevated by the candor and energy of the performances.

Thus, the work combines sadness with laughter and presents intimate revelations of its protagonists that, in a certain way, makes it difficult for the public at times to look the performers in the eye. The testimonial nature of the play is aided by the different experiences of each of its actors, a variety that hides the common feeling of desolation for what has been lost, fear of what is precariously maintained, and confusion, in one case, of what has never been obtained. .

The first season of the work began on November 3 and will run until the 13th of the same month. The appointment is at the Británico de Miraflores auditorium (Calle Bellavista 531) on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:30 pm and on Sundays at 5 pm Tickets available at Joinnus.

Source: Elcomercio

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