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50 Best Latam: Mil, Virgilio Martínez’s restaurant, is part of the list. Know it in this book

Virgil Martinez, pia leon Y malena martinez are the most popular names in Peruvian gastronomy based on the worldwide success of their restaurants CentralKjolle and Mil, and for such representative awards as standing out in the 50 Best with Central as the second best restaurant in the world. Recently, Central established itself as the number one of the 50 Best Latam 2022; and Kjolle ranked 8 in Latin America; and, Mil, ranks 44th.

We know about these three characters and the depth of their projects through the press and their social networks; However, the publication of “Mil” (Catapulta, 2021) lands in the complex creative world behind its restaurants, specifically Mil in the heights of Moray, Cusco, and Mater initiative, the interdisciplinary project of the brothers Virgilio and Malena Martínez that injects scientific and human value to all his proposal.

"Thousand" is sold in the Central restaurant and in major bookstores.

Through dozens of beautiful photographs that accompany this book, the voice of Virgilio narrates the journey of the restaurant Mil y Mater initiative from its origins, as well as the geography where it is located in the town of Maras, a few meters from the Moray archaeological site. , 3500 meters above sea level.

This publication is a sum of stories and anecdotes from the past to understand the construction of this present that is Thousand and all the characters and faces behind it. In this way we will know not only the perspective of the chefs Virgilio Martínez, Pía León or the doctor Malena Martínez who participate with their own texts; but also of the interdisciplinary team behind Mater Iniciativa (scientists, researchers, chefs, designers, artists) who manifest themselves through the universe of the restaurant Mil y los otros in Lima. In addition, they delve into the work and contributions of the CC Kacllarcay and Nukkak’as-Misminay communities with whom they work in Mil and provide ingredients and concepts to both the Cusco restaurant and Central, Kjolle and the Mayo bar.

Mil is located next to the archaeological site of Moray.

“Mil” conveys the story and the detailed work of people who were highly involved in the development of the Mil y Mater initiative restaurant project, such as Francisco Quico Mamami and Trinidad Mamani Cascamayta, producers of organic vegetables and guinea pigs: “the first people who received them in the Andes when a thousand was just a dream”, Martínez quotes in the book.

Also, we will learn more about the Andean Distillery, the Ollantaytambo venture specializing in cañazo, with whose products Mil’s bartender, Manuel Contreras, works his magic. Dwight Aguilar Masías, coffee farmer from Santa Teresa, La Convención; Manuel Choque Bravo, agronomist producer of tubers; Andea, the mineral water; Orquimiel, the association of beekeepers, all women up to 75 years of age; Orgánica Lamay, a group of horticulturists; Cervecería del Valle Sagrado, the Andean beer; Mercedes Champi and her family, dairy farmers from LactoCaneñita; Rómulo Cámara Moncada, Apa Vallecito, cocoa farmers; and Rosa Ferro Giraldo, a producer from the Maras salt mines. For each of them, the location of each product, height and ecoregion is recorded, as well as a description of the production chain, seasonality and its customers.

Photographs from the book "Thousand" (Catapult, 2021).

“Thousand”, in turn, details the key participation of each person on the team such as Verónica Tabja, Director of art and cultural projects; Manuel Contreras, Bartender, beverage researcher (Andean ingredients); Manuel Acurio, agronomist and land administrator from Mil; Nilver Melgarejo, Cocoa researcher, chocolatier of Mil; and Luis Valderrama, Head Chef at Mil.

From the architectural side, this book shows the intention of its design with adobe walls and roof woven with ichu so as not to break with the landscape, but adapting to it in colors and materiality. The book exploits its graphic side with fold-out photographs of the Mil tasting menu and its 8 steps. The recipes and preparation are described, and they are visualized in all their dimensions.

Landscape of the area where Mil is located, in Cusco.

This book is more than a book about a restaurant, it is an acknowledgment and enhancement of the entire chain that begins on the ground and ends on the plate. The ideas, products and efforts behind Mil’s letters will be known, which enriches the link between diners and their food, and a devotion to what is ours, a mixture of curiosity and voracious appetite to learn more and more about each flower, tuber, fruit and all input that is presented with respect to its powers, colors, biology and belonging.

More information

  • “Mil” is for sale at the Central restaurant and in the main bookstores
  • Price: S/269
  • Authors: Virgilio Martínez, Pía León and Malena Martínez
  • Published by Catapulta / Penguin Random House imprint

Source: Elcomercio

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