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Walther Lozada: his family announces a new orchestra after separating from Armonía 10

In July 2022, the death of Walther Lozada, legendary leader of harmony 10mourned the music industry of our country, however, a new controversy stains the trajectory of the cumbia group.

The wife and children of the remembered music producer announced the creation of the orchestra ‘Walther Lozada & orchestra… the legacy continues’, this after denouncing that the shareholders of Armonía 10 closed the doors to them.

The formation of the new group occurs after the multiple accusations of the relatives of the producer, who assure that they are not allowed to decide on the future of Armonía 10 despite the fact that Walther Lozada owned 35% of the company.

Bianca Lozada, daughter of the founder of Armonía 10, was outraged when she pointed out that the musician’s heirs have been prevented from being part of the decisions that the group’s management company has been making.

On Monday, which was the first call, they did not come to the meeting. Today was the second call, and they have not allowed our lawyer, Dr. Luis Alberto Tudela Varela, to enter. The doctor has been knocking on the door since morning, he has been prevented from entering, and they have sent us a wrong address. I am not going to allow more abuses with my family, Walther Lozada has made Armonía 10 and it is totally low that we, the children, are being denied our rights ”said the daughter of the late producer.

Walther Lozada & orchestra… the legacy continues” will make his debut in Piura and then tour throughout Peru with all the hits that Lozada has left to remember such as “Me emborracho por tu amor”, “Cervero”, “I swear not to love you anymore”, “La duda” , “Until 6 in the morning”, among others.

“We never thought that everything would end like this. But it is also true that our father was great. Sometimes when an agreement can no longer be reached, it is better to step aside and look towards the horizon. Dad was one of those, he always faced problems and led the ship through thick and thin. Today we are embarking on a new ship that bears his name and for which we will give our lives, just as he did. We will inform you about the presentations”finished Bianca Lozada.

Source: Elcomercio

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