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Shakira: her children star in a moving scene when saying goodbye to her team in Barcelona | VIDEO


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New airs are breathed in the environment of the Colombian singer, Shakirawho after months of disputes and disagreements with his ex-partner, former soccer player Gerard Piqué, will finally go to live in Miami, in the United States, to start a new life with his little ones Sasha and Milan.

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Undoubtedly, the two youngest sons of the Barranquillera and the former athlete are the most affected because last weekend, the paparazzi Jordi Martin captured some moving images of the precise moments in which the eldest of the children of Shakira and Piqué, Milan , said goodbye to his team after obtaining second place in the Copa Catalunya sub 10.

Shakira congratulated her little boy through social networks and showed an image giving him a tender kiss while his firstborn smiled at the camera.

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“Congratulations to Milan and his team for this great tournament. All the mommies are very proud of you for your perseverance and dedication! Bravo Runners-up of the Catalunya Sub10 Cup!”, he captioned the photo that he has over two million hearts on Instagram.

However, the sad part was the moment when Milan, just 9 years old, starts crying on the pitch next to his teammates.

Immediately, Shakira’s reaction was to comfort her child because he will no longer play in the team since he will go to settle in another country. At that moment her little brother Sasha realizes that she is crying and without thinking twice, she went to give her older brother a hug.

“Here are my images from Saturday with @shakira and @3gerardpique I who have been in this relationship since the beginning and who have had to travel behind them around the world, moments like the ones I experienced this Saturday where there is so much tension between them, they collide a lot.. #shakira #pique”, wrote the paparazzi at the bottom of the video.

How did Gerard Piqué react when he saw his son cry?

The most surprising thing is that the ex-soccer player for Barcelona in Spain did not flinch and did not even approach his son to comfort him. He was to one side and next to his mother.

That weekend and after the little Milan game, it was Gerard Piqué who took the minors and Shakira retired with her brother Tonino, who accompanies her at all times.

This video has moved more than one Shakira fan who agrees that children are the most affected in the midst of the separation of both media characters.

“I am very moved by this video because clearly everyone is affected, but the ones who suffer the most will always be the children,” “affected by a disloyal father who does not value his family, values ​​his party, his bars, his crazy nights. Thank God they have Shakira.” “Because of a fever, he lost everything and nothing will last”, “the hug between the children was everything”, “It breaks my heart to see the children, sadness has no social strata”, were some of the comments that are read through the social networks of Jordi Martin, who shared these images.

Source: Elcomercio

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