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“Disenchanted” on Disney +: 5 reasons to see the sequel to the film with Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey


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More than ten years have passed since Amy Adams gave life to Giselle in “Enchanted”, a character that she reprises in “Disenchanted”, a musical comedy now available on Disney+ and that shows the dark side of the naive princess.

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That innocent young woman who with her singing attracted and fell in love with the rats, squirrels and cockroaches of New York, found the love of her life in a divorced mortal and made the decision to abandon the fairy tale destiny that awaited her, now look with nostalgia for the past and questions whether he fulfilled his expected “happily ever after”.

“She feels that she has lost a bit of her magic and considers that this is reflected in other people (…) She believes that by moving to a place that reminds her of Andalasia, she will be able to recover a bit of that magic from the past” , Adams expressed about the change in his character.

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These are 5 reasons to see the movie:

1. The twist in the story

The monotony faced by Giselle, who is now the mother of a little girl and maintains a “normal” life in the city, will lead her to move to Monroeville, a town where she will live a new adventure that will put the integrity of her loved ones at risk and his place of origin, Andalasia. Thus, there will be a change in the plot: the kind Giselle will become the bad guy in the story.

As Adams considered, everything that her character does “is out of her love for others”, even when this does not seem like it and despite the fact that being so dependent on the past leads her to slowly, and involuntarily, transform into an incipient villain. .

“I think Giselle learns during the process that actually moving forward can be as nice as looking back,” the 48-year-old actress delved into the story, which, like the first film, relies on animation to maintain the atmosphere. from a traditional princess tale.

2. Amy Adams produces the film

Having Amy Adams as an actress in a movie is already synonymous with quality, but in this case, the star also takes on another fundamental role.

With “Disenchanted” Adams returns to work as a producer that she has also carried out on television projects such as “Sharp Objects” in 2018 and which she has continued with titles such as “Sam & Kate” (2022).

“It was incredible, especially in this film, because I had a very deep relationship with all the characters and it was nice to get into their stories,” said the artist.

3. Maya Rudolph’s character

The producer role also allowed Amy Adams a say in bringing talent to the film, including comedian Maya Rudolph (“Saturday Night Live,” 2000-2007) who plays the envious Malvina Monroe. , or Gabriella Baldacchino.

“Monroe is the most popular girl in town until Giselle shows up and is wonderful and charming and friendly. Malvina is not like that, so she creates direct competition between the two and wants to win,” Rudolph explained.

Yvette Nicole Brown is Rosaleen, Maya Rudolph is Malvina Monroe, and Jayma Mays is Ruby in the Disney+ movie "Disenchanted."  (Photo: EFE)

4. The adolescent portrait

In the film, Gabriella Baldacchino had to put herself in the shoes of Morgan, the teenage daughter of Robert (Patrick Dempsey) and Giselle, a role that was previously played by Rachel Covey.

“What I wanted to preserve from the original film was the adoration and love that Morgan has for Giselle, even as she grows up to be a typical teenager. I wanted to hold on to that, ”explained the actress about her character, who stars in very funny and at the same time moving moments on the tape.

5. The soundtrack

Finally, after songs like “That’s How You Know” or “True Love Kiss” became popular in 2007, music once again takes center stage in “Disenchanted”, once again orchestrated by the American composer, pianist and producer, Alan Menken. , also responsible for the music of films such as “Beauty and the Beast” (1991) or “Pocahontas” (1995).

“Music is what makes you feel like you’re watching a fairytale movie, it’s what unites fantasy with reality, and it’s what made me think I was in a fantastic world,” Rudolph said.



“Disenchanted” is now available on the Disney+ platform and is one of the company’s bets for this Christmas season.


Source: Elcomercio

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