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Symphony for Peru: Encounter of choirs will sing for peace in free concerts

In the name of peace, children and adolescents prepare their voices for the first post-pandemic Choral Encounter of Symphony for Peru. There are about 530 musicians representing the 16 nuclei of the organization [ubicados en diversas partes del país]who will sing live to delight the audience.

After two years of alternating practice between virtuality and face-to-face due to the current situation, this meeting will involve a trip for young people from different regions to provide a free and quality show, in which they will deliver a message of social awareness written by them.

“Sinfonía por el Perú works from music, with a focus on citizen education, and formation of values. We seek that the boys have reflections on the construction of a better society and we normally use within the training topics that allow this reflection, allowing them to choose the repertoire, for example”, says Gabriela Perona, executive director of the organization in conversation with El Comercio.

Sinfonía’s commitment is to share and create collectively around music, which is why, throughout the year, eight repertoire creation workshops were held so that the members have an active participation in the composition. “The creation of a repertoire by children is very important for a program like ours. Anyone who goes to visit a nucleus or attend a concert, whether from the Nuclei Choral Encounter or from the Youth Symphony Orchestra, will find a show of the highest quality”.

The event in Lima has been taking place in the auditorium of the Dental College of Peru in Surco. Today, November 25, at 7 p.m. m, the nuclei of Santa Anita, San Juan de Lurigancho, La Victoria and Rímac will be presented. The following day, Saturday the 6th, at noon, groups from Huánuco, Ica and the Central Youth Choir will participate.

union of voices

This will be an exclusively choir event where participants will sing live each day. The idea is to get out of the group dynamics carried out in the nuclei, and share with the families of different others and provinces. The program is especially interesting because it is a special selection of the more than 3,000 beneficiaries of choral programs.

“Making spaces such as theaters and auditoriums for children and young people to make music is an important challenge in the country. Fortunately, we always manage to have these venues thanks to alliances, sponsors, sponsors or donors who help us carry out the activities”, says Perona.

And it is that this Choral Encounter, like most of the activities they carry out, maintains an educational and non-commercial purpose. Sinfonía por el Perú has been characterized by presenting free concerts precisely to give back to society what they have received and share a series of principles and values ​​through art. “The idea is to share with the community in general that can attend and be part of this. The boys have learned a lot about the body and handling an instrument such as their own voice. This has required working on their self-esteem, security and determination”.

Sinfonía por el Perú is a free music education program chaired by the Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Flórez.

Although music is the main training vehicle, the organization’s philosophy is to generate processes of social transformation through artistic excellence. These teaching programs have a direct impact on the transformation of the participants,Studies place the emphasis of our work on the development of cognitive skills, such as numerical retention, intellectual development, self-determination, etc. On a socio-emotional level, it also strengthens their self-esteem, creativity and the prevention of risky behaviors”, adds Perona.

Children are recruited very young, usually from the age of five, so at eight or nine years old they already show important artistic development. To enter, it is not necessary to take any exam, just visit the Sinfonía por el Perú website, locate the nearest center and ask for availability. It is not a requirement that they only decide to study music, but that they can be in the choir, while they study other careers such as Medicine, Administration or Communications.


Choral meeting in Trujillo and Moquegua

In addition to Lima, there will be a presentation on Saturday the 26th, at 5 pm, at the Santa Ana de Trujillo Church, where the Trujillo, Chao and Huaraz nuclei will participate. Also on the 25th, that same day, at 5 pm, in the Plaza de Armas of Moquegua, the Arequipa, Ilo, Tacna and Andahuaylillas nuclei will be present, as well as the Torata, Moquegua and Candarave modules.

Source: Elcomercio

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