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Antonio Orozco on his tour in Latin America: “It will be a new show, the best we have done”

Anthony Orozco He welcomes us with a smile and open arms from a hotel in Madrid, a place where he has received half a dozen journalists to talk about the last leg of his tour in Spain. We are the last to interview him and despite his tiredness, he does not leave his good spirits and excitement to tell us about what his next American tour will be, which includes Peru, in mid-2023.

-The last time we spoke (May 2022) your Latin American tour was still taking shape and your first collaboration with Sebastián Yatra had just come out. Six months later, with your visit to Latin America just around the corner and with four duets on the market, how is that reception going?

The idea came from the Latin president of Universal, Jesús López. It was a proposal that gives back the opportunity to start over in Latin America. I lived there for four years, I was in Miami and in several countries and it was hard work because I was traveling alone and we had come back, we started to have a beautiful position but an illness that crept into the family made me return to Spain and I am not complaining , suddenly incredible things began to happen. Now the job is to go back and I asked for the hand of a few friends of mine who I love and who are very successful in Latin America. The path is gradually being made. We have gone to Argentina, now Central America is opening up. We are already closing for the entire United States. If they had told me, I wouldn’t believe it.

-That time we also talked about the identity that your old songs take on in the voice of new artists. Following the same line, how is it for you that you are the composer and singer, the rebirth of these new versions?

Songs today are one of the few things we have left that are free and that to go around the world they don’t have to ask anyone’s permission and they go wherever they want. A song is a song and here it is shown that whoever sings it is still a song. Regardless of whether he wrote it or not, the songs have that ability to fly, embrace and give us opportunities. Who was going to say that in Argentina, where I was recently, the public was going to sing all the songs! All!

Antonio Orozco, at the WiZink Center in Madrid, on November 22, 2022.

-You are about to finish the Avionics tour in Spain. Let’s talk about what will be the next tour in Latin America in May and June 2023.

Yes, it will be a new show created for Latin America, it has nothing to do with this Aviónica tour and it will be super cool because it draws on all the past hits. Put together a kind of concert in memory that is going to be super cool, I promise you, the best thing we’ve ever done.

-Have you planned any Peruvian collaboration on this tour, something like the participation of Luciano Pereyra in Argentina?

It is very likely that we have musicians from different Latin American countries. Almost everyone is involved. And I say almost all because it is not happening with everyone.

Antonio Orozco, at the WiZink Center in Madrid, on November 22, 2022.

And from Peru, someone in particular?

I can’t say anything yet because it would compromise the artists a lot. In any case, let them do it, that’s how we are doing it.

-It calls my attention a lot in interviews of yours that I have reviewed and it is that you always speak as in a state of calm and very grateful for what you have lived, also of your complicated beginnings and of the opportunity that was given to you in music when you were for throwing in the towel. What can you say to people who are out there struggling and looking for opportunities and doors are being closed to them?

I want to tell everyone who is just starting out, that the universe, that is, that its entire horizon is full of many “nos”, so the day you begin to understand that “no” is the normal situation, the “yeses” will begin to happen. ”. So you have to assume that in general the world is not ready to listen to you because they are wonderful pearls. Each of the new artists that I listen to has a particular magic, so when you start to assume that this is the case and that “no” is normal, there is a day that if you are capable of not listening to a lot of advice and do what you have to do or what you want to do then it will pass, and above all the advice I give you is not to listen to any advice.

Antonio Orozco, at the WiZink Center in Madrid, on November 22, 2022.


Source: Elcomercio

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