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Marco Romero launches a powerful ‘feat’ with Susan Ochoa: “Our voices fit perfectly”

The music is energetic, changing, evolving and merging to reach new audiences. Marco Romero he experiments with new genres by nature. In October 2021, she united Afro-Peruvian, urban, and Andean rhythms to create “My blessed place.” Almost a year later, she joins the waltz with the ballad to give life to “Me he realizado” in collaboration with Susan Ochoa.

“I have realized” is a song that Romero Puente composed almost 20 years ago. It speaks of heartbreak, of a love that left its mark.

I have realized that the affection has ended / Today that the nights are so cold by your side / It is that the bonfire of love has been consumed / And your kisses have been lost in nothingness

It is one of my saved songs that I proposed to be part of the album that I will release next year. It was born with this understanding between the ballad and the waltz as a fundamental part so that my genre is always present. And my invitation to Susan was essential because I believe that she is one of the most important voices in our country, especially in our romantic music.”, highlights the national artist.

Susan has a great voice, she sings very high and for me getting to her tonality was complex, but happily we found the exact tonality where she shines the most, reaches a spectacular timbre and also allows me to show off. Our voices matched perfectly”, he assures.

The new album by the creator of World Cup anthems for the Peruvian soccer team, such as “Yo creo en ti” and “Vamos, Perú”, will have ten songs. The fifth single will be out early next year. It is a collaboration with Yahaira Plasencia. The remaining five will come out with the complete album.

With Yahaira we recorded an urban celebration with a very cool theme that I’m sure people will enjoy. It’s called ‘Moon Night’. I also have collaborations with César Vega, Desiré Mandrile, Lucho Quequezana…, and throughout the album there is the guitar of Ramón Stagnaro, with whom I had the good fortune to record before his death (on February 16, 2022). ”, he manifests.

Marco Romero He recognizes that by nature he enjoys reinventing himself and proposing, but that is not why he stops liking and promoting basic, traditional Creole music.

“You have to reinvent yourself without fear, if we go with examples, Óscar Avilés was a visionary who proposed all his life and he was a great composer, Mario Cavagnaro proposed the replana in times when waltzes were only romantic and poetic. With a language of the people, from home, he breaks all the parameters of the Creole waltz and becomes a hit, ”he recalls.

“If we don’t dare to collaborate with current artists, with those who move massive audiences, we better stay in the musical theater, in the rock, on the corner, which is cool, but Creole music needs new audiences, to be in the today’s time,” he stresses.

Source: Elcomercio

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