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“Bob: The Christmas Cat”: Watch the trailer for the film that hits the national billboard on December 1 | VIDEO

“Bob: The Christmas Cat” is the new family film that brings Star Films to all Peruvian cinemas. Inspired by an incredible true story, this film is emotional and promises to reach the hearts of all viewers from December 1, thus starting the month of Christmas.

Directed by Charles Martin Smith, director of hits like “Huellas de casa” and “Dolphin tale”, this film is based on the books of the mstreet musician in London, James Bowen, who made a best-seller of how Bob the cat pulled him out of the hell of drug addiction. A story that invites you to cultivate good feelings and a supportive, compassionate and loving look, all inspired by the charming feline.

The story begins with a literary presentation by James in the middle of Christmas, which is followed by an encounter with someone who could have been him long ago, mistreated by law enforcement officers, and bitter about it. As a Christmas story, this will narrate how he lived last Christmas, close to despair, because he thought that the humane society wanted to take away his cat Bob, who helped him through one of his most difficult moments by giving him strength, faithfulness and inspiration.

The film shows the callousness that many people feel towards the homeless. However, the only one who gives him unconditional love is Bob, since the cat is the same as James, he is alone and lost.

In this fabulous story, impressive actors and actresses act as Luke Treadaway, Kristina Tonteri-Young, Phaldut Sharma, Nina Wadia. Again co-starring the real cat Bob, who died shortly after finishing the film, in fact, it is dedicated to his memory.

Source: Elcomercio

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