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Morat on the change of venue to Arena 1: “What is happening in Lima is not optimal”

the colombian band morat will offer three concerts in Lima this Tuesday, November 29 and Wednesday, November 30, as well as Thursday, December 1. In the beginning, the shows They were going to take place at the Arena Peru in Santiago de Surco. However, and in view of the incidents that occurred last week, the production decided to change locations to Arena 1 on the Costa Verde in the San Miguel district.

Through Instagram, the members of the group talked about the change of venue and apologized if this decision bothers their fans; although, they stressed that it was the only viable option not to cancel the presentations.

“We know that what is happening in Lima is not optimal, but we believe that it is our best moment in Peru, we could not stop playing, we could not risk our concerts being cancelled. There are 60 thousand people who are waiting to listen to us in Lima and we are too excited. Let them know that on our part we are going to give everything to make it worthwhile despite the change of venue”said guitarist Juan Pablo Isaza.

Likewise, in the ‘stories’ of Instagram, the bassist Simón Vargas added that “Everyone’s recommendation was to change the venue because the chances of it being canceled were very high. So, we decided that it was time to do it. We know that this change is uncomfortable and it changes all the plans we had organized. However, we are doing everything possible with our team so that everything goes well”.

Subsequently, Morat published an extensive statement on said social network. “Due to the risk that our shows were canceled like others last week, the best option is that we change venues. There is a part that is out of our control, but we do not want to jeopardize in any way the three concerts we have in your city.”reads the publication.

It should be noted that the production company Fans & Music, in charge of the concerts, has stated that Arena 1 has a capacity of up to 23,000 people. “We want our fans and fans to take comfort in the ability. We also want to inform you that there will be security. Like police, firefighters, serenage and more to safeguard the safety and integrity of all”, he pointed out.

Source: Elcomercio

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