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Eva Ayllón announces her last concert of the year: All the details here

After his successful tours of Europe, the United States and Chile; and the applauded presentations of her in various venues in Lima and the provinces, more vital and current than ever, the outstanding singer Eva Ayllon announced that it will close its 2022 presentations with a powerful and colorful show, to be held this December 17, at the Canout Theater.

The teacher confirmed her farewell to the stage, at the end of the first performance of her show, titled with her name, which was offered to a full room last Saturday night, at the aforementioned theater in Miraflores. “We return on December 17 for the farewell of the year. Tickets are available at Entry NowWe are waiting for you”, the criolla summoned amid applause and cheers from her followers who packed the room to enjoy the concert.

Ready to surprise her audience, accompanied by her entire bandthe singer presented a renewed repertoire, which has included great classics of Creole music and black music from Peru, Numbers accompanied by well-achieved choreographies by the brothers Eder and Gusell Campos. With the energy of “I was covando” and “Ingá” the show began.

Songs like “La idolatría”, a mix of Los Embajadores Criollos (“Lejano amor”, “Paloma” and “Tú culpa”, “Compárame”, “Mamá Luchita”, “Cachombo”, “Fina estampa”, performed together with his showgirls, they continued in the program. “How fortunate that they still follow me, it makes me very happy, even more so if it is a full house. Thank you for being at the Canout Theatre.” thanked the public for the Grammy winner for Musical Excellence (2019).

Each one of those attending the concert received the album “Como la primera vez” as a gift from Eva. “What you have in your hands was the first thing that Aylloncito Producciones did. Now, we have new productions that are already on digital platforms, please look for everything that says: ‘Eva version…’ All of that is from us and they are the modern adaptations of my repertoire”he said, inviting the public to listen to the recent remastering of his records.

“What am I made of”, “What about me”, “Taita guaranguito”, “Mal paso”, sung in chorus with the audience, “Cariño bonito”, performed as a duet with her son Carlos -in charge of the percussion in the orchestra-, “Cada domingo a las 12″, “La perla del chira” and the boleros corta veins: “Ay cariño”, “Cruel condena” and “Dos gardenias” continued in the ‘setlist ‘.

To the rhythm of “Saca las manos” and El tamalito” -a song that he remembered having sung 32 years ago on the same stage together with the emblematic group Los Hijos del Sol”- came the farewell. After a warm acclamation, Eva Ayllón returned to the stage to close the night with “In love with being here”. Without a doubt, a memorable evening.


Place: Canout Theater (Av. Petit Thouars 4550, Miraflores)

Day: December 17

Hour: 8 p.m.

Tickets: Entry Now

Source: Elcomercio

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