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Los Ángeles de Comas Market: what do they serve in the new gastronomic space?

Unlike a food court, a gastronomic market seeks to provide its customers with an experience that is as satisfyingly gastronomic as it is musical and fun. And places like the new Mercado Los Ángeles de Comas is one of those tasty spaces with a lot of Peruvian identity and warmth, enough to try different and extremely varied flavors and, at the same time, distract yourself after work or with the family.

Makis, Venezuelan cuisine, chifa, grilled chicken, Chinese box, pork on the stick, anticuchos, hamburgers, desserts and an extensive cocktail menu are just some of the options that the Mercado Los Ángeles has open to date on the second floor of the Mall Plaza Comas, in front of Unicachi. “We have 12 available positions and the expectation of having 21 that will open. We have everything a Peruvian likes to eat,” says operations assistant Jheiner Vásquez. Soon there will even be Mexican food, so the variety is a guarantee.

Advantage He visited the new Los Angeles Market and got to know part of its gastronomic offer. We show it to you in this note:

1. Mendoza House

The chanchipapa and the pig in the Chinese box are the most requested at Casa Mendoza.

Since 2014, Casa Mendoza was looking for a way to implement the preparation of the pig on the stick and the Chinese box in a modern way. That is how Julio Mendoza, chef and owner of Casa Mendoza together with his wife Pilar Ronquillo, created a special oven to cook super crispy Chinese box pork and wood-smoked pork. “We cooked the two crispy, juicy and quite pleasant little pigs”, Ronquillo tells us. “We consider that being here is an arena for people to get to know us better,” he adds.

It is called Casa Mendoza in honor of Julio’s father, Salomón Mendoza, a butcher who taught his son to cook and the secrets of meat and pork, to cook them with great care. “We have the ritual of making the dressing together and always being in a good mood,” says Ronquillo, so that all the food always tastes the best.

Julio Mendoza and Pilar Ronquillo, owners of Casa Mendoza.  They were born in Cajamarca and their first restaurant is in Los Alisos, Comas.

The chanchipapa is one of their most requested dishes, it has fried Andean potatoes, pieces of Frankfurt and pork on the stick. The pig on the stick is made up of 250 gr of pig by weight, boiled Andean potatoes, shelled corn, creams, criollo chili and cajacho chili (spicy) and Creole bramble. In addition, Casa Mendoza surprises with a crispy fried guinea pig (difficult to find in any shopping center) and fried rack of lamb. They have few dishes because they are interested in taking care of quality, preserving rusticity and the traditional style of Peru.

Fried guinea pig and ribs are dishes offered by Casa Mendoza.


2. Portu bread

Pan del Portu offers Venezuelan sourdough breads and classic Venezuelan delicacies such as ham bread and golfeado.

From a Portuguese family, Anderson De Nóbrega was born in Venezuela and arrived in Peru in 2017. With the arrival of the pandemic, together with her boyfriend and partner, the Peruvian Jonathan Rojas, they decided to start an innovative business that could offer Venezuelan gastronomy beyond arepas. . De Nóbrega realized that it was very difficult for him to find ham bread, a traditional Venezuelan Christmas bread. So, without being an expert baker yet, he and Jonathan began to prepare this delicious bread until it reached perfection.

“It is a 40 cm loaf. stuffed with ham, bacon, a mixture of chancaca, raisins and olives. It contrasts the sweet and salty of the Venezuelan flavors that is what characterizes us. We combine guava (an abundant fruit in Venezuela), Peruvian chancaca with matured cheese and we have those combinations that make our bakery unique”, Anderson tells us. During the pandemic they managed to specialize.

Anderson De Nóbrega and Jonathan Rojas founders of the Pan del Portu brand.  Jonathan's mother is part of the team and helps them with dressings at the operation center in San Martín.

For his part, Rojas was more involved in party marketing prior to the pandemic, knowledge that he currently applies to the development of the bakery. “The need led us to continue offering new products until we were able to sell Venezuelan food, our menu has grown a lot,” says Rojas.

In the process of the pandemic, they managed to specialize in the bakery business where they learned about the Venezuelan sourdough, called talvina. Between trial and error they arrived at this ideal artisan product that when a Venezuelan tries it feels like they have returned to their land: “It is very gratifying”, they comment. “We have struggled to position ourselves and materialize this dream, a cafeteria or bakery where people could go to have a malt and eat a little piece, golfed, something so typical of us and bring it here and share it with all the Peruvian culture, who know a little more of us”, adds De Nóbrega. “It seems very particular to them that there is a roll stuffed with chancaca and matured cheese, but when they try it they love it. We have loyal Peruvian customers who are fans of Pan del Portu, from the ham bread, the golfeado to the hallacas”.

The best sellers are the ham bread, the golfeado (similar to a cinnamon roll) made with chancaca and matured cheese, the guava bread and the hallacas. They have Venezuelan suppliers that make the llaneros cheeses, ideal for the breads to protect their identity. In addition, they have the signature Christmas dish of Pan del Portu that has hallaca, ham bread, chicken salad, and pernil, which is a pork seasoned with Venezuelan style that is eaten at Christmas, but they ask for it all year round.

The flagship Christmas dish of Pan del Portu that has hallaca, ham bread, chicken salad and pernil, which is a pork seasoned with Venezuelan style that is eaten at Christmas, but they ask for it all year round.


3. The 22 Sanguchería

This super salchipapa 22 has onion rings, cross cut Frankfurt, potatoes, chorizo ​​and fried egg.  In addition, La 22 has its own craft beer.

“The first store started on the 22 block of Benavides Avenue, 8 years ago. When I lived in California I was surrounded and I worked in fast food restaurants, so at La 22 I wanted to transfer that experience to all the stores; Furthermore, I am a person with a good palate and I like good quality food. Many times people associate fast food with low quality, what we do is the opposite”, assures Carlos Caillaux, General Manager of the brand. He comments that they take care of everything from the brioche bread to their national beef Angus hamburgers. They make their special sauces, such as mayonnaise 22 and chicken chili, which they work at the production center.

Carlos Caillaux, General Manager of La 22.

“We offer hamburgers, salchipapas, the crispy line, we have frankfurters and also dishes depending on the store. In Mercado Los Ángeles we have wings, which is what is sold the most in Comas, hamburgers, salchipapas and frankfurters”, says Caillaux. Currently, they have 4 of their own stores and the franchise began with the fifth, as well as the sixth store. “The idea is to expand to all of Lima.”

Double Cheddar Glazed Domestic Angus Burger.


4. The Bar

The Chilcano Carnival offers the kion, blackberry, classic, passion fruit, raspberry and aguaymanto flavors.

La Barra offers an extensive signature cocktail menu as well as the classics that every bar should have. They were born 3 years ago and are found in different gastronomic markets in Lima. Comas is no exception, where they offer pisco-based cocktails that bear the names of other gastronomic markets such as Mercado 28, Mercado La Colonial and they are in the process of creating the Mercado Los Ángeles cocktail in honor of this place.

Orlando Enciso, Head of Operations at La Barra.

The theme of La Barra is entertaining and is decorated with elements that can be found in any market: “Boxes of fruit, emollients, a scale, that’s the concept,” says the Head of Operations, Orlando Enciso. “The cocktails that sell the most are signature cocktails, world cocktails and Peruvian spirits such as Black Whiskey, gin, rum, pisco, etc. We promote the Peruvian product to match the atmosphere of the Los Angeles Market”, he adds.

The Bar at Mercado Los Ángeles will stock drinks such as chilcanos and the most classic cocktails, as well as signature ones, to make the visit a more colorful and pleasant moment.

One of its main offers is the Carvanal del Chilcano with 6 different options of chilcanos that are brought to the table with a super-luminous candle. The box contains the kion, blackberry, classic, passion fruit, raspberry and aguaymanto flavors. Another of the richest is the Zombie Mercado made with orange, pineapple, blonde rum, white rum and is served in a transparent knob with grenadine and ice.

If you are in Comas, now you know where you can have fun, eat, drink and have a good time with friends and family from Lima Norte.

More information:

  • Location: Mall Plaza Comas. Av. Los Ángeles 602 – Second floor, next to the MAC
  • Hours: Sunday to Thursday from 12 to 10 pm Friday and Saturday from 12 to 12 pm
  • You will find Casa Mendoza, Bing Burger, La 22, La Barra, Buena Mar, Q’ Queso, Dolce Gelato, Ocho Chaufas, Pappas Grill, Sushi Mambo, Pan del Portu and Corazón Contento. About to open are Talima Waffles and Chilanguito.
LMA AUGUST 11, 2022 Visit to the new Los Angeles Gastronomic Market located inside the Plaza Comas Mall PHOTOS: RENZO SALAZAR

Source: Elcomercio

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