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Monumental Music Group signed Cielo Torres, Farik Grippa, You Salsa and Gaby Zambrano

Despite a year convulsed by uncertainty, inflation, and political crisis, the Peruvian music industry did not stop. Such was the case of Monumental Music Group, a record label that promoted the artistic talent of hundreds of young people from neighborhoods considered rivals and launched record labels such as Chim Pum Music, Inzei Monumental and Monumental Music.

For the entrepreneur and founder of this initiative, Gil Shavit, 2022 was marked by great challenges and with his team they focused on growing the music industry in the salsa, urban and bachata genres.

For this reason, it made an alliance with the American music producer Sergio George, winner of four Latin Grammys 2022, to launch Chim Pum Music with the vision of positioning Peruvian talent.

In this way, they seek to turn Peru into the new headquarters of salsa, bachata and tropical music by the experienced and renowned music producer.

Sergio is a great ally. With his career and his great work, which we all know because he has worked with Marc Anthony, La India, Luis Enrique, among others, he will promote the career of Peruvian singers.”, he referred.

He also indicated that this year, with Chim Pum Music, they have already signed Cielo Torres, Farik Grippa, You Salsa and Gaby Zambrano, who will be the Peruvian faces for the world. And so more singers will continue to join the label.

urban genre

The urban genre, the one that rescues feeling and sings about what happens in the heart of the neighborhood, has also found a great ally with Inzei Monumental, which was born from the merger of Monumental and the United States record label Inzei Records.

This commitment is led by producer Rojas on the Beat, who has worked with stars such as XXXTentación, Rauw Alejandro, Lil Pump and Mariah Angeliq.

This union strengthens the link to find more Peruvian exponents of the urban genre and to be recognized worldwide”, said Rojas, who added that opportunities are being given to young talents who, due to various factors, cannot spread their art.

He specified that, in addition to pursuing the goal of becoming a worldwide musical benchmark, this initiative seeks to generate dialogue through art among young people from Callao neighborhoods considered rivals.

Inzei Records already has the signature of national talents such as Murder, Neiram, Woody kief, Jey Army, Los del Joseo, Flako Dogg, Daniel Cano, among others.

The label was renewed to continue with its mission of looking for new talents in the Chalaco neighborhood and is supported by the singer Micheille Soifer, who thanks to the label was able to record her album “La Nena”.

Source: Elcomercio

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