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They delete a video of Bizarrap from YouTube hours after the session with Shakira premiered

All attention is on the music producer bizarre, who with each new theme released achieves millions of reproductions and views. So it was not a surprise when the last song of hers “Music Session # 53 ″ with Shakira achieved rapid viralization by winking at his ex-partner and Clara Chiathe current couple of this.

However, the producer had already given a lot to talk about before, but more at the local level, by premiering on the last day of 2022 a song in tribute to the Argentine National Team after their triumph in the Qatar World Cup, accompanied by the Argentine Duki. The theme is called “3 stars in the set” and refers to the third Soccer World Cup won by the team led by Lionel Messi. The video was posted on YouTube just after midnight on the 31st and in less than 9 hours it had more than 1.7 million views and more than 30,000 comments.

The new collaboration of Duki and Bizarrap has a duration of 4.42 minutes and also has the participation of the band “La T y la M”, which towards the end of the premiere gives a Cumbiero touch to the trap song. In the video, you can see the music producer and Emilia Mernes’s partner sing in front of the camera on a neighborhood soccer field and wear the Argentina National Team shirt with the 3 stars.


In the last hours something happened that they had not taken into account when publishing the video, and it is the fact of having images of the Qatar World Cup that are not copyrighted, according to what was reported by the FIFA. Thus, when trying to view it, a sign could be read on the screen that said: “Video not available. This video contains content from FIFA, which has blocked it for copyright reasons.”

Throughout the lyrics and the video, you can hear tributes to the different players of the Argentine National Team. Dibu Martínez, Cuti Romero, Marcos Acuña, Nicolás Tagliafico, Nahuel Molina, Lisandro Martínez, Paulo Dybala, Rodrigo De Paul, Ángel Di María, Julián Álvarez, Enzo Fernández, Leandro Paredes, to name the most influential of the winning team of this 2022 .

Source: Elcomercio

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