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How much money do Grupo 5, Agua Marina and other orchestras charge to perform at private events?

Cumbia is one of the favorite musical genres to liven up parties, birthdays, fifteen-year-olds, national anniversaries and all kinds of celebrations, mostly in Peruvian territory. The Team 5Marine Water, Deyvis Orosco either Daniela Darcourt They are some of the most requested in public and private events.

Much has been said about the prices that the great Peruvian cumbia and salsa orchestras ask for offering a complete show for both public and private events, but what are the real prices?

It is public knowledge that the top orchestras, bands or soloists of the moment have a contract fee that can exceed 10,000 dollars, or approximately 40,000 soles at the national exchange rate.


The group of the moment and the most beloved in Peru, having them present at your birthday or wedding is not cheap, since an average private show can cost 95 thousand soles for 4 hours.

In fact, in February 2022, Jimmy Yaipén told a well-known local outlet that they would begin to offer two-hour shows where they can sing 15 songs live, obviously at a much lower cost.


According to what was exposed by the “América Hoy” program, the singer is the most valued female artist on the Peruvian scene. Thus, the also salsa singer has fees of almost 50 thousand soles to sing with her orchestra, although her entire show lasts only one hour.


The well-known “Bomboncito de la cumbia” can charge around 20 thousand soles for 3 hours of its presentation. According to his own representative, the price can vary up to 35 thousand soles, in case he wishes to have his full band.

Cassandra Sánchez reappears happily with Deyvis Orosco and throws a dart at Magaly Medina.  (Photo: Instagram)


Until the end of 2019, the Agua Marina orchestra used to charge 30,000 soles per performance for one hour, but after the COVID-19 pandemic their prices changed.

Source: Elcomercio

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