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Rauw Alejandro unites technology, music and dance in his new tour “Saturno”

Rauw Alejandro, one of the main exponents of urban music, brought together more than 20,000 people in the Quisqueya State of the Dominican capital, which on this occasion left baseball on one side and hosted the first stage of a tour that will take this musician and dancer, until next November, through stages in America and Europe.

With a staging that simulates the arrival of a special ship on Earth, Rauw Alejandro and the dance troupe that accompanies him stepped on stage to the shouts of his followers when “Punto 40” began to play, one of the songs with more success of his latest work, “Saturno”.

An audience that, during the two and a half hours that the concert lasted, remained standing chanting and dancing to the rhythm of Rauw Alejandro’s songs because, as he himself said at the beginning of the concert, “music can change the mood It is the best medicine that human beings have created”.


But Rauleeto, as he is also known, did not sing alone on stage: he was joined by half a dozen artists and friends, including the American Chris Palacewith whom he performed the song “Gatas”, and also fellow Dominicans such as Flo 28, The Perverse either Nino Freestyle.

The emerging had a prominent place Angel Dior, with which the Puerto Rican artist has participated in a peculiar dembow, “Tamo en nota”, and that together they sought to turn the stage into the already famous 42nd street in Santo Domingo, converted into the center of urban musicians.

And with an essential role in the show the Jabbawockeez, a popular American hip hop dance group tasked with liberating Earth from alien invasion alongside Rauw Alejandro.

The special effects were the main stars of the night -a “very special” night for being “the first show of my tour”, the artist stated- simulating space, the control panels of a spaceship or video game images.


“THANK YOU RD, my first stadium has been with you, a lot of nerves, but at the same time a lot of happiness in my heart to share all this with you”, wrote Rauw Alejandro as soon as the concert finished on his Twitter account, and, in fact, he made the audience the protagonist of his show, inviting them to sing with him, taking a couple up to “twerk” on stage, mingling with their followers and recording the environment in Quisqueya himself with a cell phone.

Rauw Alejandro’s fans were delighted that he had chosen the Dominican Republic to open his tour, a concert for which prices ranged from 22,000 to 2,400 Dominican pesos, from 400 to 43 dollars.

Now, after passing through the Dominican Republic, the tour will go to the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico and Central America and then jump to Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Germany) and finally return to Latin America.

In all these places, Rauw Alejandro will present “Saturno”, his third album after Afrodisiaco and the successful Vice Versa that included the song “Todo de ti” and is made up of eighteen songs, including “Far from heaven”, “Saturn”, “Gatas”, “Lokera” or “Tell me who”.

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Source: Elcomercio

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