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Aurora in Lima: the sweet Norwegian wind that passed through Lima | CHRONICLE

If we put aside the band’s drummer, the three girls on stage look like something out of a movie like “Midsommar”: blonde hair, white dresses and bare feet; angelic songs, tribal dances. Aurora and company flaunt the quintessential image of some dreamy Norse myth, but it’s not fair to stereotype them either: their mix of art pop and electropop is fairly contemporary and could just as well hail from Canada or Japan, rather than Erling Haaland’s land.

In fact, before Aurora and her group came on stage, Thea Wang, their guitarist, did. The opening show literally fell off the back plate, and had its own style. An intimate presentation, with the artist alone on stage. It seemed more appropriate for a closed place, and not so much for the Amphitheater of the Parque de la Exposición; but still dazzled. The sweetness and softness of her voice and her melodies seemed about to put viewers to sleep, and we mean it in the best of senses: her singing sounded like a lullaby, like a hypnotic spell designed for the deepest relaxation.

After a brief recess, Aurora appears on stage with her full band. Or almost in full: the guitarist had to stay at the hotel at the last minute, due to health problems, reports the Norwegian singer. But the show must go on, and for this she contributed a lot of her charisma and empathy. Because Aurora talks, and a lot. Between song and song offers messages of encouragement, acceptance. He advises his fans to feel good about themselves, to recognize and accept their particularities and differences. Reflect on loneliness, sadness, pain.

And when he sings, he does so by rising into the air. The wind is light in Lima at that time of night, and favors the shakes of her clean dress, which oscillates like a veil brought from another dimension. It begins with “Heathens” and “Blood in the Wine”, which resonate powerfully, well accompanied by the saturated lighting of the staging.

Aurora makes an allusion to the Lima sunset, to the sympathy of its fans, to the fact of having a ‘only show’ that quickly sold out tickets (unlike other countries where it only appeared as part of festivals). And every once in a while she returns to what she knows how to do: balance the moods and moments of your concert. Because she can be romantic and stripped down, like when she performs “Exist for Love” alone in front of a piano, but also exert the force of a hurricane like in “Warrior”.

Aurora was presented for the first time in Lima, at the Parque de la Exposición Amphitheater.  (Photo: Cesar Bueno)

“Daydreamer” is another powerful moment of the night, just like “Runaway”, one of his most popular songs despite having written it when she was barely 11 years old, as she herself tells it. “Queendom and“ Giving In To The Love ”sound tremendous and the enthusiasm of the public is reflected in the shower of gifts that falls from the stands: from flowers and flags to stuffed alpacas that the singer collects as she can.

There is a backstage escape that serves as a breather, and then one last stage appearance to end the show. “A beer for me please!” He shouts in masticated Spanish and closes the evening with “Cure for Me”, another favorite of the respectable. The supposed Scandinavian coldness is refuted with the energy of an artist who has wood. Norwegian wood, as the song would say.

His return to these parts seems more than sung.


Aurora setlist in Lima


2. Blood in the Wine

3. All Is Soft Inside


5.The River


7. Exist for Love


9. Nature Boy (Nat King Cole cover)


11.The Seed


13. Giving In to the Love

14. Cure for Me

Source: Elcomercio

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