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Heat Awards 2023: this was the show of the Peruvian salsa singers that made the Dominican Republic dance

“In the rest of Latin America we continue to listen to the classic salsa artists, but in Peru there are new artists, doing incredible things and inspiring a new generation to keep the genre alive.” That was the introduction with which the night of Tuesday June 6 in Cap Cana, an exclusive resort in the Dominican Republic, announced the presentation of three Peruvian talents who were chosen to participate in an event prior to the heat awards 2023 dedicated exclusively to what happens in the country with this musical genre.

Although throughout the continent, the urban genre is what leads the trends and new artists dedicated to that genre do not stop appearing, in Peru the leading rhythms are cumbia and salsa, a fact that motivated the “Heat Salsa Night” , a ‘showcase’ attended by journalists, influencers’ and singers from all over Latin America to learn about and connect with what is happening with this Peruvian musical ‘movida’.

“This is a tribute to a country that is clearly betting on salsa. Colombia, New York, Puerto Rico have great exponents, but we have to support young salsa. Peru has been a pioneer in salsa and is bringing out wonderful salseros. For that, I have three superstars for you. When I go to Peru I only hear the names of the three of them”, explained Diana Montes, director of the Heat Awards, at the beginning of the private mini-concert starring Cielo Torres, Álvaro Rod and JP ‘El Chamaco’.

Classics and new repertoire

The person in charge of starting the Peruvian show was Cielo Torres. The Ecuadorian Michela Pincay and the Venezuelan Anais Castro were the presenters of the event and were surprised by the versatility of the singer, who is also an actress, content creator and dancer. “I tell you that I also cook very well,” the Peruvian joked in response.

A salsa version of Selena Quintanilla’s “Si una vez” marked the start of Torres’ show, which included four songs. In addition to the success of the Texan, a cover of “Never is enough” by Natalia Lafourcade and “Más Fuerte” by Greeicy Rendón. The artist included an original theme for her participation in the ‘showcase’: “You’re going to regret it”.

Among those attending the event, some national artists invited to the Heat Awards also stood out: Austin Palao, Kate Candela and Yahaira Plasencia, who did not stop encouraging their compatriot.

Álvaro Rod took over from Cielo Torres. “The number 1 of Peru is here with us. Not only is he a singer, but he also composes, ”announced Anais Castro about the artist who, in 2022, was nominated in the Musical Promise category. Rod divided his mini concert into 2 covers and 3 original songs. At first, he offered a mix of songs by José José in a salsa version, then he did the same with the hit “Un X100to” by Bad Bunny and Grupo Frontera.

Álvaro had a guest for his presentation, the ‘influencer’ César BK, with whom he has recorded his most recent release: “Maldito lunes”. Together they performed the song that marked Rod’s leap into another musical genre: the quartet. After that, Álvaro continued with his famous “Listen to me, my love” and “Vamos a escape”.

Álvaro Rod sang at the event prior to the Heat Awards gala.

the peruvian party

Although the public was encouraged to dance at times, the party was fully assembled when JP ‘El Chamaco’ entered, an artist from San Juan de Miraflores who has become the favorite of Lima nightclubs for his version of salsa delivery , a fusion typical of Cuba.

‘El Chamaco’, the artistic name of Jean Pierre Núñez, came out only with his own songs, which quickly connected with the public. “You have me sick” was the starting theme of the show by ‘El Chamaco’, who, although, unlike the other Peruvian artists, used the resource of ‘playback’, as his ‘performance’ progressed, he was filled with such energy that his voice was mounted on the track to demonstrate his full potential.

JP El Chamaco made everyone dance with his Peruvian-style salsa.

With “Airplane Mode”, the members of Grupo Niche, who also arrived as guests at the ‘showcase’, and the Dominican singer Rosaly Rubio could already be seen on the dance floor. JP ‘El Chamaco’ said goodbye with “Haciendo de to”.

“The rumba was armed. This was not the case until that man got on,” said Anais Castro as the Peruvian left the stage, leaving those present wanting more partying.

And the party for Peruvian talent in the Dominican Republic will continue. June 8 will be the Heat Awards gala. There, the Peruvian Yahaira Plasencia will present one of the trophies, but before that, she will sing in homage to Grupo Niche along with Mike Bahía and Yeison Jiménez. It is clear that the sauce is the strong Peruvian letter.

Source: Elcomercio

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