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“Perú is permanently part of my tour agenda”: ​​The interpreter of “Perdóname”, Luciano Pereyra, speaks

“Perú is permanently part of my tour agenda”: ​​The interpreter of “Perdóname”, Luciano Pereyra, speaks

“Perú is permanently part of my tour agenda”: ​​The interpreter of “Perdóname”, Luciano Pereyra, speaks

After two decades of waiting, the Argentine singer Luciano Pereira He returned to Peru in 2022 and finished his show with the promise of a next concert as soon as possible. Almost a year since his concert at the Arena Perú, the artist returns to fulfill his word this October 20 at the Canout Theater, where he will offer an intimate concert with the best of his repertoire.

“I have been sharing my music with the Peruvian public for many years, I feel happy to fulfill what I said and to be able to be in the Theater with everyone,” Pereyra commented in an interview with El Comercio.

According to the artist, part of the mystique of Peru lies in the incredible reception of the public by artists who were part of public life with very popular songs, such as “If it is not too late”, “A woman like you”, “Stay with me ”, or the inevitable in his repertoire, “Perdóname”. The latter is a song that is always requested by the so-called “Your chosen ones”, the artist’s official fan club in the country, for which Pereyra has a special appreciation.

“Fan clubs are not only present at the release of an album, at concerts, at the release of a single, and supporting each of these songs, but also with a very important solidarity work. It was my birthday recently and now I receive the best gift from this wonderful group. The gift is being able to donate it to someone who really needs it. The fan clubs are in charge of making solidarity collections and take the proceeds to different entities that need them. “That is the best gift I have ever received.”commented the singer during his last concert. “They are always affectionate here, that’s why Peru is permanently part of my tour agenda.”he added.

A common anniversary

The presentation of her new album on this tour called “Hasta el alma” will present songs with the Spanish singer and pioneer in the female rap industry, Mala Rodríguez, the Puerto Rican Pedro Capó and Luis Fonsi, with whom he shares a special moment in both races.

“We both work together and it feels wonderful to be able to share a topic at this important time. These are the luxuries that one has within this beautiful career”Pereyra mentions with a smile.

To reach this moment of celebration, the singer does not perceive his artistic evolution as an abrupt change in other genres, but as the evolution of the genre that gave him birth: folk music. “My music is as it should be, I am always attentive to the daily changes it has, and I feel that I have adapted to these times without leaving aside my roots, which I nourish with all this learning”comments the artist.

A great moment

Despite finding ourselves in a moment in which urban music seems to completely dominate the market with millions of daily reproductions, for Pereyra there is no constant competition, but rather a harmony between different musical genres.

[El público] It not only leans towards the urban genre, but also towards trap, cumbia and ballads. I think we all coexist; Of course, the position of urban artists, more than a competition, is an opportunity, since it allows us artists to combine our genres with that wave”explains the performer who learned to play the guitar before knowing how to read or write.

Now he composes songs and reads the scores of songs that led him to receive international awards, generate fan clubs around the world and a tour with concerts until the end of this year, something that fills Pereyra with joy and a great emotion to sing. one more time: “Forgive me, forgive me”, although there is nothing to forgive, because he kept his promise.

About the event

Luciano Pereyra in Lima

Location: Canout Theater

Date: October 20

Time: 9:00 pm

Entry: Teleticket

Source: Elcomercio

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