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Carla Morrison reinvents her music and explores a new stage: “I was wrong and I could start over”

Before the pause that the world experienced due to the pandemic, the Mexican Carla Morrison he had already slowed down his pace of life to rediscover his identity in music. After her stay in Paris and new experiences from freedom, the singer is renewed and sure of the new stage she is exploring.

“I wanted to recognize myself and be more in control of my emotions, of the narrative of my songs (…) Not only did I learn to be myself again, but I could get a ‘pedota’ (drunk) and not be afraid of someone see, I made friends, I was wrong and I was able to start over ”, says the 33-year-old singer in an interview with Efe.

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In September, Carla presented the last single from her next album and the “fourth act” of what will be her new material entitled “Renacer”.

A work inspired by the artistic period of the Renaissance that takes place in four acts that covers the emotional and personal journey that the Mexican has gone through in her last years of life.

“Anxiety” it was the first of these chapters and the theme that opened the project in 2020. But the song gave only a hint of the new Morrison that evolved into music.

This was followed by “Don’t call me”, a song of sadness and resignation, then he was empowered with “Obra de arte” in the third act and for the last act he presented “Contigo”, the song that connects his present time with his career of more of a decade when recalling topics such as “Compartir” or “Eres tú”.

“The four acts will be shown as four chapters and each one is like a section of the album, there are several ‘rolas’ (songs), act two is toxicity for example”, Explain.


Crowning the advancement of his album with the song “Contigo” has a special meaning for Morrison. The song became one of his favorites since he wrote it and he knew it would be a hit with his fans, but he had to endure the excitement for a year to get it out.

“I felt that I could not release ‘Contigo’ without removing the others before (…) It is one of my favorite songs but not only from the album but from life, it is one of the most beautiful that I have composed and I wrote it with my husband” , he confesses.

The subject is so emotional for her that it was difficult for her to materialize it and the recording process was long, “it took so long because I was howling”, says Morrison who has adapted to the idea that she has metaphorically become the “wedding singer ”(Wedding singer) from her fans.

She has also earned the name of “Heart Doctor” for being the faithful advisor to the spiteful and that has also served as inspiration.

Just in case her music hasn’t made it clear who she is, Carla defines herself as a romantic, and with that romanticism that characterizes her, the composer lived for a time in Paris hiding her identity while studying jazz and French.

This pause in her life, study and the freedom to feel in a country where she was hardly recognized for her fame, also brought to her head new sound ways of living music and made it her goal to make music that she listens to, “she wanted make it sound elegant, beautiful and of quality ”, he says.

With shades of artists like Adele or Sam Smith, Carla explores musical fields that she had not tried by putting aside her guitar and entering a more pop and electronic world.

But taking her characteristic instrument out of her hands also allowed her to show herself differently and from a discipline that she had abandoned, dance.

“Many people do not know that I am a very dancer, I stopped dancing when I started playing the guitar and dedicated myself to music, I was always behind the guitar and now it was to be there in front and not be afraid,” says Morrison.

The four videos of each event were recorded in Vilnius (Lithuania) in two days with 16 hours each.

Now that Morrison prepares to return to the stage for 2022 and his biggest challenge will be to merge the two sides of his projects and he plans not to leave the dance this time.

“It will be the meeting of my previous world with that of now, as I was already detained since before the pandemic, for me the pleasure of returning to the stage is double,” says the singer.


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