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“Zero Hunger”: The free recipe book to combat anemia and chronic child malnutrition

Will we ever be able to eradicate hunger in Peru and in the world? It is a question that haunts many people’s heads. By 2030, the United Nations has proposed meeting 17 Sustainable Development Goals -as part of the Development Agenda- and one of them aims to “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture. ”. To do this, thousands of people around the world have been working with interesting initiatives. One of these is the book “Zero Hunger: Recipes and tips for a stronger Peru ”, from the World Food Program. This digital cookbook featured the preparations of various chefs, including Colette Olaechea. By the way, Advantage He spoke with his mother, chef and columnist for El Comercio about his participation.

Last month the virtual book, which has 67 practical and delicious recipes against anemia and chronic childhood malnutrition. In this we can find breakfasts and lunch boxes, preparations with chicken and blood, with beef liver, with guinea pig, vegetables, fish and shellfish, as well as tips for good nutrition shared by Lena Arias, who is the Nutrition Officer of the United Nations World Food Program. In addition to the Olaechea preparations, we can also find the recipes of Palmiro Ocampo, Enrique Paredes, Dew Oyanguren, Betsi Albornoz, Jorge Matzuda, María Fe García Uranga, César Choy, Diego Alcántara and Edgardo Rojas, among others.

So you can learn from what a balanced plate looks like to the recipe for some little blood boliyucas, a charapa cause and even some little blood picarones. All thought to be delicious, yielding, accessible and nutritious.


Colette was always linked to cooking and her love for it led her to try her luck in different businesses. First he opted for a sanguchería, then for the world of catering and, for a few years, he has been focusing on recipes for the smallest of the house and on the blog Mamá Chef where he shares various interesting topics through the website of Trade.

When she was a mother, she was faced with the question for the first time, how do I make my daughters eat nutritious and varied, but also tasty? Thus, it began to create accessible recipes, with Peruvian and healthy products that all parents can find on their social networks and in the book “My best recipes” (Planeta, 2019).

(Photo: Colette Olaechea Archive)

“When you are going to give someone a recipe you have to know that it is within their means, that it is with ingredients that they know and that it is super nutritious,” he tells us. “There is always a lot of pressure on what to serve or not to serve childrenFrom that, my need arose to share my recipes, but also to do it accompanied by a nutritionist ”, explains the chef.


Thanks to the work that the television program has been doing in 2018 Kitchen with Cause contacted her to participate. “This program had the goal of educating and informing the population to reach 2030 fulfilling the goal of Zero Hunger. When I got to the recording I remember that the team liked my way of working a lot. I am quite orderly and I took everything cut, in portions and well advanced, to adapt to the format of the program, ”she recalls.

One of the recipes that he shares in the book is that of an appetizing chicken rice with a little blood omelette.  (Photo: Colette Olaechea Archive)

From that moment she collaborated on more than one occasion with the program and from there she was contacted so that her recipes could be part of “Zero Hunger”. The three that we can find is a simple sautéed vegetables with chicken, a tasty Chicken chaufa rice with little blood tortilla and a crispy Tuna pork rind with tomatoe rice and zarandaja salad.

“From my experience in the program to my participation in the book, I can say that there are real efforts to combat anemia and chronic childhood malnutrition and that it is possible when we all come together. This book is a total success because it is freely accessible to anyone, it has very varied recipes and they are designed for the Peruvian public ”, says Colette.

(Photo: Colette Olaechea File)


  • You can find the book “Zero Hunger: Recipes and tips for a stronger Peru”, under free discharge, here.
  • To learn more about the recipes of Colette, visit your account Instagram @mamachefcoletteolaechea.


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