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“The Fabulous Journey of Christian Andersen” premieres at Teatro Auditorio Miraflores: schedules, prices and more details

Kapchiy begins its 2024 with ”The Fabulous Journey of Christian Andersen”. A complete family work full of music, puppets, magic, shadows and fables; such as: The Little Mermaid, Thumbelina, The Emperor’s New Clothes and more. Thus betting on a foreign dramaturgy with a different content from what is usually presented in the children’s genre.

Cowed by the constant ridicule and humiliation of his peers, little Christian Andersen dreams only of escaping and hiding away from everything. One day he meets Jonás, a bizarre character who will make him see things differently and will discover his great talent for inventing fables and extraordinary stories. And, in reality, life is a wonderful adventure that is worth living!

“Restoring this work is wonderful. I think it is one of the few family works that is covered so completely, including different styles, such as shadows, puppets, and more. Furthermore, the message is very powerful and remains well sustained throughout the work, it is simple, despite everything, with effort life is worth living; and that we have that chip since we were little, it’s great,” explains Renato Piaggio, director of the work.

“Adding Braulio’s entry, a fresh and young energy gives a very particular twist to this revival. We are preparing a lot, especially in the details that are so important in works for children that I am sure they will love! “I already want you to see it,” Add.

For a humble playwright born in a small city in Spanish Valencia, to premiere one of his most beloved works on the other side of the pond, in a country as beloved as Peru and by a company that exudes authentic passion for the performing arts. It is the greatest gift you can receive.

  • Friday, March 22 – 4:30 pm
  • Sunday, March 24 – 11:30 am
  • Sunday, March 31 – 11:30 am


  • In the well-known Miraflores Auditorium Theater; Av. Larco 1150 – Miraflores (Basement).


  • Tickets are now on sale on the Joinnus platform, with prices starting at S/20.
  • You can purchase them by clicking HERE

Source: Elcomercio

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