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Yahaira Plasencia receives criticism for driving with her cell phone in her hand

After his debut hosting the program ‘Al Sexto Día’ on Panamericana TV, Yahaira Plasencia is the eye of the storm after he published a video of him driving his car with his cell phone in his hand.

In the video shared on her Instagram profile, the salsa singer tells her fans that she is happy because she was on her way to record the promo for the show she hosts.

“Today is a very special day because we are going to record the promotion for ‘Al Sexto Día’, I am going to accompany you throughout the summer season, I am very happy and grateful for the opportunity,” reads the Instagram post.

But beyond his message, what caught the attention of Internet users the most is that he had his cell phone in his left hand, while he was driving on the way to the channel.

“Irresponsibility behind the wheel and with the cell phone in hand, then they cause accidents”; “How irresponsible to drive with your cell phone in your hand”; “How are you going to talk while looking at your cell phone, that’s why so many accidents, example above all,” were some of the comments read in the post.

The “Cobarde” singer preferred not to speak out and the only thing she did was block the comments on her recent publication.

Source: Elcomercio

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