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Christian Domínguez: this is how he reacted when asked about an interview by Pamela Franco in “MQM”

Pamela Franco She will appear this Monday, February 12, on the program “Mande Quien Mande” to talk about Christian Domínguez’s infidelity and the alleged affair she would have had with soccer player Christian Cueva.

Hours before his release, cumbia singer Christian Domínguez was asked what he thinks of his ex-partner appearing on a TV program to talk about his personal life.

Domínguez emphasized that. “Okay, okay, that’s the right thing to do too. It’s something that she has to handle, I can tell you about myself, but I don’t know about the rest. “I don’t know how she is feeling inside,” stood out before the América Hoy cameras.

When asked if he feels fear or fear due to Pamela Franco’s responses in her interview in Mande que mande, Christian Domínguez responded no.

“I have no fear because I already threw away everything I had, and as I said recently, I could be a bad husband, a bad husband, however you want to say it and that is something for which I have beaten myself so that it hurts. As it has to be, you can’t say that you can’t”, he pointed out.

The leader of Gran Orquesta Interncional preferred not to comment on the speculation that Franco had a close relationship with Christian Cueva.

“I can’t explain any of that to you, this is not the time to give an opinion. They have to listen to the people involved, it is something that Pamela and I have talked about, and she told me to let her handle her issues. It seems valid to me and I said perfect. “It leaves me much calmer.” he noted.

Source: Elcomercio

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