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Valentine’s Day in Miraflores: the micro-musicals that premiere to celebrate love

Days before the Valentine’s Day celebration, the Peruvian performing arts producer Catartsis announced a short season of 3 performances of micro-musicals: “It will arrive soon…” and “Because of Love”. These will take place in a single show called “Times of love”.

It is a micro-musical composed by Julián Salguero, Jorge Toledo and Fernando López Acosta. It was 5pm on Nuria’s (Alphie Pagano) clock.

While waiting for her boyfriend, she meets David (Renato Morales Bermúdez), who is also waiting for his date. But on David’s watch it is 10:30 pm. He tries to convince her not to expect any more from her and offers to take her home, but she refuses because her boyfriend promised him that when he arrived she would give him a surprise.

  • Gender: micromusical tragicomedy.
  • Approximate duration: 15 minutes.
  • Recommended age: Suitable for all audiences from 10 years old.
  • They act: Alphie Pagano (Nuria) and Renato Morales Bermúdez (David).
  • Directs: Javier Guerrero.

In a micromusical also by Julián Salguero and Jorge Toledo, a boy and a girl wake up in bed after a night of alcohol and passion. For Tony (Marco Antonio Ñique), she is just another girl, a “hit and run.”

However, Queca (Daniela Bedoya) thinks the opposite: perhaps destiny has brought them together forever. A love story full of humor where music will always be present from beginning to end, immersing the viewer in the purest world of the musical.

  • Gender: micro-musical comedy.
  • Approximate duration: 15 minutes.
  • Recommended age: Suitable for all audiences from 13 years old.
  • They act: Daniela Bedoya (Queca) and Marco Antonio Ñique (Tony).
  • Vocal address: Alphie Pagano
  • General address: Andrea Felix

It is one of the first musicals presented at Microteatro Madrid. Worldwide, it is the micro-musical in Spanish that has been presented the most times: with more than 5,000 functions with different casts in different cities in Spain, Mexico City, Bogotá, Miami; and returns to Lima with this new cast that promises a tender story of love and many laughs.

By purchasing a single ticket, the public will have access to see both works. There will be 3 functions in total:

  • Saturday, February 24 – 8pm
  • Sunday, February 25 – 6:30pm and 8pm.

The event is at the Campo Abierto theater (Av. Gral. Recavarren 565, Miraflores). Tickets are on sale through Catartsis Producadora’s WhatsApp +51919741020; as well as by Joinnus.

Source: Elcomercio

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