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Pamela Franco breaks down and confirms that she had an affair with Christian Cueva | VIDEO

In his recent appearance on the set of “Mande qué mande,” Pamela Franco surprised by talking about the recent infidelity she suffered from Christian Domínguez and her alleged romance with the soccer player Christian Cueva.

, was the first thing he said during the beginning of his interview.

At another point in the interview, the dancer and singer confirmed that she did have a romantic relationship with Christian Cueva.

Yes, I had a romantic relationship with Christian Cueva. I got involved with him in 2018, it was back and forth. It was a quite complicated topic. He would go into topics of lies, he would tell me one thing, he would show something else. At that moment in my life, I believed the same story that many have believed. Today, he turned around and said ‘what happened to me?’. As usual. He told me that he was not there. “There were things that made me think they were no longer there,” reveals Pamela Franco.

Source: Elcomercio

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