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Ryan Reynolds and his celebration after the premiere of the “Deadpool 3” trailer

The first preview of the third installment of Deadpool, which is titled ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’premiered during the 2024 Super Bowl and millions of fans have been surprised to see Hugh Jackman play Logan again.

It is known that the Deadpool 3 film, played by Ryan Reynolds and Logan, make multiversal trips, until they reach the universe that is made up of all the characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ryan Reynolds’ curious celebration

To celebrate the launch, Ryan Reynolds He shared a funny image on his Instagram profile in which he appears posing very smiling while carrying his cell phone in his hand. In addition, there is a television where the image of Deadpool appears.

“Has everyone seen the Deadpool trailer? Has anyone seen my wife too?”was the message that accompanied his post and that everyone has taken with humor.

The American actor made reference to his wife Blake Lively because she was caught having fun with Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl. The actress was also captured on numerous occasions by the cameras while she was experiencing the match very effusively, as were all her companions.

Lively was dressed in a red sweatshirt, referencing the colors of the team Taylor’s boyfriend, Travis Kelve, plays for. In addition, she accompanied her look with stiletto heels and wore her hair curly.

“Your wife is at the Usher concert where Taylor’s boyfriend is playing football”, “I could be wrong but I think she is at the Taylor Swift concert”, “Your wife’s hair has stolen the show”, “ Hi Ryan, it looks like she’s having a girls’ night out, I hope this helps”, “Why is she at the Super Bowl and you’re not?”, are some comments left by Ryan Reynolds fans.

Source: Elcomercio

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