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Anna Carina and Corazón Serrano get together to release a new musical song: “Your love hurts me”

The Peruvian singer-songwriter Anna Carina He reinvented himself to bet on a genre of popular music in Peru: cumbia, so he got together with the group Corazón Serrano and released a song with a fresh, dynamic and digestible sound to the ear.

“Your love hurts me” It is Anna Carina’s first single in urban cumbia rhythm and has the collaboration of the group from Piura, the musical theme is on their musical platforms.

The single in question marks a new stage in the musical career of Anna Carina, who is co-author of it with Jesús “El Viejo” Rodríguez, whose lyrics are located in the unsuccessful attempt to forget a love.

“I am very happy and excited about the result of this song and even more so to find in Corazón Serrano the perfect ingredient for these new rhythms that I am beginning to experience,” commented Anna Carina.

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This new musical proposal by Anna Carina comes with a video clip directed by Francesca Danovaro and is produced by Energía Films. The video was filmed in 4K format in the outdoor facilities of the Jockey Club of Peru.

“Your love hurts me” was released today on various music platforms such as Spotify and YouTube, becoming a trend on digital platforms.

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Source: Elcomercio

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